How to Put On a Wig - Beginner's Guide

If you are new to wigs and interested in putting on a wig, this is the right place for you. Wearing wigs will definitely give you a new appearance and feel, and it's a good way to try various hair colors, haircuts, and hairstyles. This article will give the most detailed instructions on how to put on a wig step by step for beginners or someone who wants to pick one or two parts of wearing techniques.

how to put on a wig

How to Put on a Wig Step by Step

Video on How to Pluck, Customize, Prep, Install Lace Front Wig - By Felicia Ducasse

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Preparing Your Natural Hair by Making it Flat

Before putting on the wig, you should prepare your natural hair to make it as flat and tight as possible to make the wig wearing easier and more natural.

For short 4B or 4C hair

Twist your hair into small twists or braid it into small braids and put them back; this works just as well as cornrow braids.

how to put on a wig- prepare natural hair

For longer hair

Braid your hair into two French braids. And pull the braid to the other side and pin it up, and do the same thing to another braid, and you get a nice and flat head of hair.

prepare long natural hair for putting on a wig

Bleaching Knots

You should bleach the knots of the wig if the wig is not pre-bleached; this will make the knots fade away, be blondish, and look like the hair is coming out of your own scalp.

Bleaching knots process: pull out three scoops of bleaching knots and mix it with 40 volume developer. Make sure it is thick enough so it will stand on the back of the lace part and cannot pass through the lace to bleach the hair. Brush the bleach on the lace, make sure it covers the whole lace part, and make sure you are not heavy-handed when brushing, it will be easily overbleached if you are heavy-handed. Wait 20–30 minutes, and then wash the bleach out.

If you have overly bleached knots, do not panic; you can fix them easily by using black hair dye. Use a toothbrush, take a little bit of black hair dye, and dye it back.

bleaching knots to put on a wig

Plucking the Wig

If your wig is unplucked, you should pluck it to make it look more natural. You know that the hair in the front part should be thinner than the back part, so we should pluck the wig to get rid of the excess hair to create a natural hairline and a natural front.

Plucking a wig: First Taking out all the baby hair you will be using and spraying some water on the wig will make it easier to comb your hair back. Using a wig tweezer to get rid of the excess hair in the lace front from side to side and layer by layer, make a quick motion to avoid balding the wig.

wig plucking to put on a wig

Tint the Lace to Make the Wig Melt

If the lace color does not melt your scalp perfectly, you can tint the lace with the same foundation you use for your face. Thus, the wig will blend perfectly with your skin color.

If you want to skip this step, try our HD lace wigs for an invisible, skin-melted hair look.

Put on a Wig Cap

A wig cap can make your hair sit flatter and tighter, not like a hump, and keep your wig in place and more secure. Give you extra security and protect your head, scalp, and hair underneath the wig cap. If you are hair consicous, edges consious or sensitive scalp, you can wear a wig cap to protect your scalp. But if you feel wearing a wig cap is uncomfortable, you can choose not to wear it.

You can choose your favorite wig cap type; I do recommend a mesh wig cap and one that matches your scalp color. You can try various wig caps and see which one suits you best.

Put on the wig cap and stretch it to make it snug over your hair and cover all the hair strands. Cut off the extra part in the front and in the ear area. Then you can glue or add adhesive to it to make it secure.

Put glue before where the hair starts, not on the hair; this way, it won't damage the natural hair.

Use powder to match the wig cap to your skin tone

If the wig cap does not match your skin color perfectly, you can apply some powder to the front and hairline parts of the wig cap. You can choose the same powder you use for the foundation of your face. Thus, the lace part of the wig will be more natural looking.

add power on wig cap

Put Your Wig On Head

Make sure the wig fits well on your head before you start the installation process.

If you want the wig to become tighter or looser, adjust the strap in the back of the wig to make it perfectly fit your head size.

Then put the wig on your head. Step one: Use your finger to grab the back sides of the wig, face the wig towards you, and put your head down into the wig. Then use the comb in the back to secure the wig. Step two: Stretch the wig to the front to make it tight, and make sure the hairline part of the wig stays in the place where you want it. Step three: Adjust the ear part to make the wig symmetrical on both sides, cut off the extra lace, and place it in the perfect place; you don't want the wig to lift over on your ear.

put wig on the head

Secure Your Wig

You can use wig glue to secure the wig. 1. Squeeze out or spray wig glue on your hairline part, spread it out, and then put the lace down. 2. Take an elastic band and wear it around the wig, and wait about 30 minutes to help the glue stick more securely.

glue down the wig - how to put on a wig

Cut off the Extra Lace

Use a razor or scissor to cut off the extra lace around the hairline. Take your time and make sure you are not cutting more or less lace. Go in a zigzag motion to make the lace edge more natural.

Create a Wig Parting

You can create a new parting yourself or use the pre-parted one that comes with the wig. To change the parting of your lace wig, use a comb to part the wig and use a curling wand or pressing comb to flatten the hair out.

Add Power to the Lace Edge and Parting Space

Doing this will make your whole wig look more natural. Use your foundation power and press it on the lace edge and lace parting area to make the hairline and parting look more realistic.

Lay Down the Baby Hairs of Your Wig

Baby hairs will help you create a more realistic result. Normally, we have new hair grow out around the hairline, and they are little baby hairs. Laying down baby hairs will help hide the lace edges and make the wig look like your own natural hair.

Separate a thin layer of hair around the hairline and cut it short. Then, when styling your baby hair, spray some wig glue and use a toothbrush to shape it to the style you like.

lay down the baby hair of the wig

Style the Wig

You can style your wig into any hairstyle you like. To straighten your hair to get smooth and sleek hair, curl it into a loose curl, braid it into little braids, or dye it to the color you like.

If you want to get more styling versatility, choose virgin human hair wigs, you can style it as you want.

Now that we have finished the wig installation tutorial, I hope this article will help you gain a better understanding of how to put on a wig. Since you have mastered the wig installation technique, try a high-quality lace front wig to help you look more fabulous.

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