How To Style A Wig

Many people tend to customize and restyle their wigs after purchasing them to better suit their looks. How to style wigs depends on personal preference and what makes you look and feel comfortable. Here are some different methods for styling wigs at home.


You may need specific products to obtain a unique look and maintain the beauty of the wig. The following tools are essential for wigs styling.

Wide-toothed comb (avoid tangled)
Round brush  (styling loose waves)
Wig shampoo and conditioner
Rat tail brush(separate and lift sections of hair)
Blow dryer
Wig stand or Mannequin head
Heat-protecting spray (shield wig from damage)
Hair straightener & Curling wand

How To Style A Wig

Matters needing attention

Before using heat tools, make sure your wig is washed, totally dry and no tangled. Never style human hair wigs when it is wet. This is harmful to the wig construction, and the amount of water in your hair can affect your styling.

You can wash with specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to ensure the wig's tender and silky. Use your towel to gently squeeze and absorb the wig moisture instead of rough rubbing to dry it out.

Apply heat protectant oil or spray while your hair is still wet. Air-drying the human wig is ideal, but if you're pressed for time, you can use a hair dryer.

How to style a wig

Method 1: Use heat styling tools

The most common heat styling tools on the market are flat hair straighter and curling wand. Heat styling tools are typically only to use on human hair wig. The following are the steps to use the two tools.

Flat hair straightener

1.Divide your wig hair into sections. The key is to keep the thickness about 3cm.
2.When using a hair straightener, clip the hair from the roots as much as possible without burning the scalp. Firmly tighten the straightener down so that the heated side touches the hair trapped inside.
3.Clip the straightener down from hair root to tip. Don't hold a section of hair for too long. Doing so can damage your hair and cause unwanted creases. It can be straightened several times until it is completely straight.

How To Style A Wig

Curling wand

Choose curling irons of different sizes according to your preference. Deep wave, loose wave, body wave all can made by curling wand at home.
1. Divide your hair into several small sections. Wrap your hair around a curling iron. Make sure not to over-twist, which will reduce the heat and cause parts of the hair to be unstyled, by holding the hair in the curling iron for about 10 seconds.
2. Release your hair and repeat on another area. Your loose hair will help grip the curling iron, but be careful not to touch the curling iron in the process.

How To Style A Wig

Method 2: Weave Braids

Braids are a popular choice, saving time and effort while creating chic and different styles. Like 3 strand braids, Dutch braids, French braids, Fishtail braid,etc. 3-strand braids is a classic type. Learn how to make it is quickly, even if you're a beginner.
1. Comb your wig hair. Make sure that there is no tangled. Divide the hair into three equal sections.
2. Hold the three hair strands.
3. Take the right strand and cross it over the middle strand, so they switch places. Then grab the strand you just crossed over with your left middle finger. Then take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand, so they switch places. Continue those steps until you reach the end of the hair.

Method 3: Dye a wig

Dyeing a wig at home is a great option. Changes in hair color can have a huge impact on personal style. The steps of hair dyeing are easy to operate.
1. Mix the Dye and apply it
First, mix your hair dye according to the instructions. Put the disposable gloves to avoid staining your hands, and use the dye brush to apply the color from root to tip evenly. Ensure you saturate each strand completely to avoid any patchy spots.
2. Wait several moment
Follow the directions on package to find out how long you should leave the dye in your wig. Generally speaking, one hour is enough.
3. Rinse it
Once the processing time is up, it's time to rinse the dye out of your wig. Start by rinsing with cool water until the water runs clear. Then, shampoo and condition your wig as you normally would using wig-friendly products.
4. Air drying
After rinsing out the dye, it's time to dry your wig. We recommend air drying your wig after you dye it to avoid damaging the hair with too much heat. Simply put your wig on a stand and let it air dry overnight.


Styling wigs at home allows you to change your hairstyle freely while avoiding damage to your natural hair such as perms, hair dyes, and hair extensions, glueless wigs. It can also save money on professional salon hairdos. But remember, even if it's not your real hair, you still need to treat it to prolong its life. After learning the above operations, hurry up and try it.

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