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CurlyMe Hair aims to provide superior and affordable human virgin wigs to help our customers become more beautiful and confident. We specialize in various curly hair, including Loose curly, Deep wave, body wave, kinky curly, water wavestraight hair and so on. We are professional curly hair provider. It can be the one of the reasons for choosing CurlyMe Hair, but what really matters is as following:

Various hair taps are available, especially Mongolian hair. 
One thing you should know is that Mongolian hair is the best choice for curly hair textures. Why? Here are the 3 reasons: 

  1. Mongolian hair is strong than other hair type, so it hold curls better. Your can blow the hair straight or use heat on it, it may hard to get the bone straight look, more than a naturally yaki straight look, and after it's get wet, the hair will back to the original curls.
  2. The thinner the hair is, the easier it got tangled. As we all know, Curly Hair is easy to get tangled, but as the Mongolian hair is thicker than other hair type, it is less tangle and more easier to do detangle than others.
  3. Mongolian Hair is full and thick, meanwhile, it's lighter weight than other hair type. So it can give you a full look while not so heavy when you wear.It's very important especially for hot weather.

Volume, volume and more volume

More Volume make you more beautiful and sexy. CurlyMe Hair has different hair density for your choice. 130%,150%,180% and 250% can be offered, you can choose what you need and we promise curlyme hair is in top quality, so you needn’t worry about the hair density. In other words, high hair density benefit your curls which can give your hair more depth. Even if you have fine or thin hair your mane will always look voluminous!
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Curls Keep longer time, less shedding

Everyone wants the curls can keep longer time. Actually, if you use CurlyMe Hair, it is no problem as we make examination before every products are delivered to customers and during the producing, we just use fine craftsmanship and material to make sure the wig has less shedding . Curly hair is more difficult to take care than other wig tapes, so it is prone to damage. But CurlyMe Hair has less damage. So please bu assured that CurlyMe curls deserve your investment. 

100% human virgin hair, more natural and easy to style

CurlyMe Hair stems from human virgin hair, promising 100%. It is all accepted that human hair is the best material of wigs because it is easy to style whenever you want to change hairstyle or curls. So with CurlyMe Hair, you can make it more easy to take care of curly hair, simply use condition and hair spray to keep your little pretty curls. What’s more, CurlyMe Hair looks more natural after installing it, just like your own natural hair. 

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Best customer service and wonderful refund policy

In addition to hair itself, customer service and refund policy is also extremely important. With CurlyMe Hair, whenever you need, we are always here and try our best to provide you with the best customer service. As said at the beginning, we have professional customer service and are professional hair provider, if there are any questions or concerns, you can let us know and we are committed to solve your problems and make you smile. As for refund policy, if you are unsatisfied with the hair you order, you can return it within 15 days after delivering it without any reasons. “ALL FOR CUSTOMERS” is our basic principle. 


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I'm very glad you came to curlyme! Wholesale inquiry, or any questions and suggestions can contact us, we will give you the best service and help.

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