How To Cut A Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs are very suitable for those women who are looking for a natural effect. Because the material of the lace looks close to the skin tone, it makes the hair on the wig look like it grows from the scalp. The lace wig has an extra lace at the front, allowing you to cut it according to your hairline shape. Follow these method for how to cut a lace front wig and get the natural hairline you want!

Let’s talk about the tools that you need to cut your lace. Choosing the correct tool can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Rat tail brush(separating hair section )
Large clips(pull back the hair)
Little baby scissors (recommended, easy to control)
Mannequin's head or a wig stand

How to cut a lace front wig

Step1 Pluck and prepare your hair
There are some human hair wigs are pre-plucked in the market. Pre-plucked wigs can saving you time, but you still may want to check that the plucking looks good with your hairline. And the hairline of some wigs which not plucked may looks unnatural and thick. To avoid this problem, you can make extra plucks where you think it's needed. After plucking softly combing through the wig by using a wide toothed comb. Remove the tangled of the hair, make sure your hair is all smooth back.

Step 2 Wear and adjust the wig
Put your wig on a wig stand or a mannequin's head, it is easier to operate. That’s okay if you don’t have it, all according your preference. Put on a wig cap if you wearing it on your head. Pull the wig a little bit above your hairline. To keep the hair in place, using styling mousse or t-pins are great option.

Step 3 Cut the lace in sections
Use some clips to clip the hair back. To beginners, it’s better to cut in sections because it is easier and won’t make mistakes. If you cut it straight down the middle, From the lace edge to your new hairline, cut the lace vertically. You can cut vertically as many times as you want. One in the middle and two on the sides should be fine.

Step 4: Remove the Ear Tabs
leaving a small tab of the wig over the ear. Start from your sideburns hair. Cut around the shape of your ear and remove a tab of lace you cut off. Repeat on the other side. Hold the lace taut as you cut so you won't accidentally cut off too much . Make small cuts in a subtle jagged sharp. When the lace has a slightly jagged edge, it melts easier and looks more natural—no straight lines.

Step 5 Cut the lace
Pull the lace taut and slowly cut each section along the hairline to avoid accidentally cutting it into the hairline. During the cutting process, try to avoid cutting perfectly straight lines, as they literally look weird and unnatural. It will appear wiggly and artificial. When you cut off the lace, ensure you cut close to the hairline. But don’t cut it too much to prevent cutting off the baby hair.

How To Cut A Lace Front Wig

Using white beauty brush draw a cutting Line as a guide is a tips for beginner. It's safer to cut along this line. To beginner, cut it a little bit further away from the hairline in case you make any mistakes you can always go back and fix it. Make sure your scissors are sharp, I recommend use little baby scissors, they are more handy than big scissors.

Tips You Should Keep In Mind
1. Be careful when you cut. When cutting the lace, don't get too close to the hairline, as the wig hair will start to fall out over time. The front lace needs to be trimmed 1 - 2 inches from the hairline. You can always cut more, but you can't put it back.

2. Make sure your scissors are sharp. Sharp scissors help you cut neat lines. The sharper your scissors, the better your chances of getting an even, clean line. Also, be sure to pull the lace a little taut when cutting to make it easier to cut.

How To Cut A Lace Front Wig

Final word
Cutting lace is important to get the lace front wigs to fit your hairline correctly. The hairline is very important to the naturalness of the wig, lace and scalp can be better fitted by cutting it. In addition, since the lace material has strong air permeability, it can bring a comfortable feeling even in summer. The above is a general method for cutting lace, which is very friendly to beginners. If your new wig arrives, go and try it. Or you can try our pre-cut hd lace glueless wigs

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