How To Put On A Wig Cap

Finding a suitable wig cap is the first step to getting a comfortable and secure fit under your wig. But how to put on a wig cap correctly makes it difficult for many novices. Casual wearing will make the wig cap not firm, and the hair often slips out, which greatly affects the effect of the wig. With this article, you will soon be putting on your wig like a professional hair stylist.

What is a wig cap?

Wig caps are usually small caps made of nylon that resembles pantyhose. The wig cap covers the hair, much like a small sock cap, to control the wig and provide a smooth support surface for the wig.
All wig caps provide a base to help prevent movement and natural oils transferring to the wig base. In order to get the most natural effect, you can select a wig cap which the color is best match your skin tone and hair shade.

How to put on a wig cap for long hair

1. Secure your hair into a braid or a ponytail. If you have a longer hair, braid is better. Split your hair into half, braiding your hair on both sides of your head, tie up the hair by using rubber band.

2.Put your braid across your head. Secure it with a bobby pin. Make sure it is flat against your scalp.

3.Use both hands to open the wig cap. Put the wig cap on the head to the hairline,cover the back of your head to the front. Put all the hair into the wig cap. Bare your ears,done with the elastic band stays at your hairline. Using one hand to pull the hair caps to make them flat while the other hand to fix our hair.Put your wig on and adjust the right position.


How to put on a wig cap for short hair

Although people with short hair and no bangs may not need a wig cap. But uneven hair layers or long hair can slip out of the wig, wearing a hat can help keep the inside of the wig clean, and the hat can also protect the natural hair from rubbing and breaking.

1. Brushing your hair gently through thoroughly making sure that there is no kinks. Make your hair is as smooth as possible. Part it in the middle or on the side (depending on where your wig will be parted) and comb or brush your hair backward.Use booby pins or hair spray fixed your hair.

2. Put a wig cap over your head, covering your ears and then pulling it back to the hairline at the forehead. Pull each side of the wig cap behind the ears, pulling your hair back behind the cap.

How to choose a suitable wig cap ?
There are three most common wig caps on the market: Nylon wig cap, Mesh wig cap and Bamboo fibre wig cap which meet the needs of different people.
Nylon wig cap
Nylon caps are made of stocking or pantyhose like material and are the most affordable option of disposable liners, they are great for daily use and should keep your hair in place all day add another layer of security with bobby pins at the temples and nape.

Mesh wig cap
Some people wearing a regular wig cap are always slide off, these people may suitable for mesh wigs. The mesh wig cap usually has a slightly thicker band around the hairline,making it more security. Mesh wig caps are made of a fishnet material. Due to the many holes in the material, mesh caps are the most breathable, and known for allowing air pass through the cap to the scalp which is ideal for people who are getting hot easily. Besides, they are also super stretchy, so are capable of holding a large amount of hair.

Bamboo fibre wig cap
If you have a sensitive scalp and find out that wearing regular wig caps is painful and comfortable without them. A bamboo cap may be the best option for you. They are made from a super soft breathable material which allows air to reach your scalp while also providing a protective barrier from the wig coming in contact with your sensitive scalp but they are more expensive they could be washed and used multiple times this cap is perfect for those with total hair loose wig.

Wearing tips: 
1. If you find the wig cap too tight in your head, please kindly stretch the elastic band or place it on your head model for a few days to make it looser, which might bring you more comfort.
2. In order to prevent your nails from scratching the wig caps, we recommend that you polish your nails to make them less sharp before putting on your wig cap.
3. It is suggested that you braid your hair and use hair clips to make it secure before wearing if your hair is long and thick. You can also use 2 at a time, which is very safe.

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