How To Bleach Knots On Wig

When making a lace wig, to get the hair stay on the lace, hair strands are hand-tied to the lace, it will leave a dark knots, the bleach lightens the knots, so it is necessary to bleach the knots.

Bleaching knots can make sure lace wigs getting that realistic natural vibe, bleaching knots on lace front will highly improve the appearance of lace area on a lace wig, which makes the wig knots less noticeable, more mimic a scalp, looks like just growing out from your own scalp. In this blog, we will tell the detail process of bleaching knots.

Tools For Bleaching Knots

1. Bleaching powder
2. A spoon
3. Creme developer
4. Powder mixture
5. Mixing bowl
6. Aluminum Foil
7. Wooden or plastic brush
8. A wig

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How To Bleach Knots On Wig

#1 Pre-softening knots to open up the cuticle

Pre-softened means to open up the cuticle, so that once you do coloring or whatever it is that you're putting on after you pre-soften, it's going to break the barrier. So that whatever you put on after that, it will take it very well. Like with color and it's going to be able to lift it much faster.

So we're going to take 20 volume developer to pre-soften. Put a little bit in a bowl and take brush and place the 20 volume developer underneath the lace area, spreading it out all over the lace area. Once you get finished with that, take a towel and stuff it. Then we want to roll the wig around, so that gravity doesn't take control and get the developer all over the hair. Allow to set 10–20 minutes depending on how big the knots are. Rinse it out and towel dry, then apply bleach method.

# Bleaching knots on wig step by step

1. Pulling out bleaching powder - a blue tinted bleach powder, which helps with toning the knots in the long term, so they can be less orange and more of a blonde color.
2. Pull out two spoon of bleaching powder and mix it with 30 volume developer.
3. Use a wooden spoon spatula or plastic knife to mix it up until it's the consistency that you want it to be. Make sure the bleach not falling off like water, pretty thick like toothpaste will be good.
4. Push back all the hairs in the front before bleaching.
5. Apply the bleach on lace evenly. Start from the back because the back has where usually the knots are larger, which takes a longer time to lift. Start from the back and all the way up to the top until knots are fully covered with the bleach.
6. Try to apply enough pressure to make sure you are getting the knots at the bottom, but not too much.
7. Take an Aluminum foil and place it on the back of the lace part. 
8. Flip the lace over, let the hair sit facing downward, in that way to kind of help reduce the gravity start to make it bleed to the hair.
9. Leave the hair to process and check on it like a 15-minute timer to see how it is lifting. Usually it can take 25-40 minutes to bleach.
10. We want to It will be okay until the knots turned a copper-ish like or get like to a blonde color.
11. After bleaching, wash your lace wig and rinse it out.

Tips When Bleaching Knots

1. 1-3 bleach powder will be good.
2. Do not pour out too much developer, make sure the bleach power to be thick like toothpaste.
3. Do not use metal brush to bleach knots, it will change the bleach speed.
4. Make sure all the hairs are pushed back in the front before bleaching.
5. Make sure that your bleach only got the knots, and not the hair.
6. Evenly apply the bleach all over the lace.
7. Flip the lace over after bleaching, avoid the bleach got the hair.
8. Check you bleach in 15 minutes, do not leave it, you may over-bleach it.
9. If you over-bleach, correct it by coloring the hair with dark tone. 

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