Bald Cap Method Of Installing A Lace Wig Step By Step

Bald cap method to install a lace wig is by far one of the cleanest, most natural looking wig install methods. Bald cap method is to wear a wig cap and make it looks like your actual scalps.

Bald cap method can be used to install lace wigs, including lace closure, lace frontal and full lace wigs. Get this flawless install, you will absolutely love it. The whole wig will fits perfectly. Beautiful laid on.

In this video I'll be showing you guys how I do bald cap method step by step.

Wig Detail
Mongolian Hair 13x4 hd 26” inch body wave wig, hair detail

Stop Using Wig Caps, Bald Cap Method Step By Step

1. Cornrow braid. The first thing is to cornrow braid your hair, make it flat.
2. Place edges back. use got2b glue gel and place it on edges, so I can slip them back. Then use tailcombing comb all edges back and use the blow dryer on heat.
3. Wear a sheer stocking cap. I use some sheer stocking cap, make sure that the stocking is covering both your clients ears completely. Then you're going to use your scissors and make a hole for ears so when you're placing the glue on the cap, it can lay flat.
4. Makeup your bald cap. Now you're going to use the adhesive of your choice and trace out the hairline. Once the glue has completely dried, you can then proceed with placing the makeup on the bald cap. I only place the makeup where it'll be shown. So if you do a middle part, only place it in the middle of the cap and across the hairline.
5. Cut off extra part of cap. When you're cutting the cap make sure that you get as close to your hairline as possible, so you're not leaving on any cap that you won't be using.
6. Wear wig. Wear the wig from back to front and go ahead and place the first layer of glue on. When placing the wig into the glue, make sure that you're stretching it, so it can lay flat on your head.
7. Cut off extra lace. Cut off the extra lace in the front and ear part. when you're cutting off the lace from around your client's ear, make sure that you get as close as possible, so that when you cut it off, the braid doesn't show. After cutting the lace off, place a band on for a while so it can melt for a little bit.
8. Baby hairs styling. Today we're gonna do a little swirl. so cut it a little longer than the actual baby hair. Iron-curl it up into little curl and then use some mousse for styling your pretty baby hair.

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