Frontal Wig Install For Beginners

Frontal wig give the most natural hairline from ear to ear and a big free part area. You can style your frontal wig like your own hair, like freely part it to any direction. Today in this blog, I will get straight into frontal wig install step by step for beginners.

Frontal Wig Install Step By Step For Beginners

1. Braid cornrows.
Braid cornrows of your own hair, make sure your cornrow is flat and neat, no bumps. 

Braid cornrows frontal wig install

2. Wig cap method.
Starting off with a stocking cap or dome cap. Wear it on your head and cut off the extra lace around ears. Just make sure the wig cap do not cover your ears.

Secure your wig cap. Take some adhesive and put that on all around the perimeter of the hairline with a thin small layer and smoothing it back into the hairline, and you can let that dry completely and what that does is basically just help the cap melt further into your skin without rolling back.

Melt your wig cap. Taking your makeup foundation and apply it all over the front of your wig cap. Because the wig cap isn't the same color of your skin color and you want it to mesh nicely underneath. Then cut off the excess cap that you would not need.

Wiping off oil or makeup that got on your skin while applying the wig cap.


frontal wig install Melt your wig cap

3. Frontal Wig Install.
Makeup to the wig. Using makeup foundation to tint the lace. Make the lace color look exactly as same as skin color.
frontal wig install Makeup the wig
Wear the wig and make sure it fit correctly. Just placing it where you would want to lay it. When the glue begin to be sticky, that's when you are ready to apply the lace.

frontal wig install Wear the wig

Apply the lace. When applying the lace, do it very slow and look through the lace to see where the glue stops at. Then use warm heat and blow drying the glue. And use small tooth comb to press the glue-in part, just to make sure that it's pressed in really well. After that go with a elastic band, and let it sit on head for five minutes to make the glue-in more secure.
frontal wig installApply the lace
Cut the excessive lace off. You can take a little razor or a little scissor and go in zigzag motions. After finish cutting the lace off, and then go ahead take that same makeup foundation and applying it to the edges of the perimeter.
frontal wig install Cut the excessive lace
Part out where you want your part to be, you can part out a middle part or a side part, whatever you like. Take out your pressing comb and apply on the top of the hair and on the perimeter, press the hair out a couple of times just to make sure that everything is nice and flat.
frontal wig install part hair
Style the baby hair. Part out exactly where you want your baby hairs to be. And the thinner layer your baby hairs is, the more natural it would be. Hot combing your baby hair, to make sure it is nice and laid. Cut your baby hairs to like an inch long. Then you can use foaming mousse on hairline first and then on baby hairs, so your hair will no flyaway, no lifting. Use a baby hair comb to style your baby hairs in a good shape.

frontal wig install baby hair style

Tips When Applying A Frontal Wig

1. When apply the lace, it's okay if you have the hairline a little bit above the glue where you apply to that, because you can always go back in and apply more glue. Sometimes it happens, you know it don't always be perfect, so either or you can manage to fix it.

2. After you glued the lace part of the frontal wig, apply extra makeup on the hairline. Because it just makes the whole blending process way easier, your wig will blend perfectly, the wig will look amazing.

frontal wig install makeup on the hairline

3. Use a ragtail comb with the small teeth and comb out the hairline back and make the hair straight. This will make a dramatic difference. It makes the hairline look so sleek and neat and nice and flat.
frontal wig install hairline styling
4. When styling your baby hair, you can use foaming mousse on hairline first and then on baby hairs, so your hair will no flyaway, no lifting.

frontal wig install styling baby hair

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