How To Pluck A Wig

Hairstyle, as the first visual impression, is an important condition for a person to express his temperament. Hair has play a huge role in modifying the shape of the face.We can use wigs to pull off various looks effortlessly without damaging our original hair. However,the hairline of the wigs may looks unnatural and thick. The best way to solve it is by plucking your wig.There are effective steps on how to pluck a wig.It often spends a lot of time, but if you are patient with experience. You can do it under less than 30 minutes.

how to pluck a wig

Wig Plucking Tools

A Styrofoam or wig stand
A rat-tail comb
Wide-toothed comb 
Wig brush
Butterfly clip
Eyebrow razor (for baby hairs)
Spray bottle (if you want to pluck your wig wet)

When it comes to plucking wigs, you have two options. You can pluck your wig on a wig stand or on your own head. Overall, the choice is yours.

How To Pluck A Wig Step by Step

Step 1. Place the hair on the wig stand
Firstly , put it on your wig stand. You can use T-pins to prevent wig moving around. Stick 6 to 8 of the T-pins into the lace right in front of the wig’s hairline. You can also place a few of them along the back of the wig to better fixed it. This will ensure that your wig won't slide all over when you’re going at your hairline with tweezers.

Step 2. Prepare Your Wig for Plucking
Softly combing through the wig by using a wide toothed comb. Start from the ends of the hair to the roots slowly and make sure there aren’t any knots or tangles. Apply 2 palm-fulls of mousse across the wig’s hairline and then use rat-tailed comb or a wig brush to smooth the hair straight back. You can easily see the hairline of the wig. Gather the hair towards the back as if you’re going to put the hair into a ponytail. Loosely secure the wig in the back using your large butterfly clip.

Step 3. Start to Pluck The Hairline
Using your rat tail comb to carve out the shape of natural hairline on the wig. You can use either side of the comb. Let the sections you’re planning to pluck hang down freely. Use clips to hold the rest of the hair out of the way. Make sure that the part is symmetrical and follows the same shape as your hairline. You may need to go back in and re-part it. Begin plucking the hair that you sectioned off. Hold the tweezers in your dominant hand and turn them so that the shorter (less pointy) side of the tweezers is pointing down. This side won’t remove as much hair as the longer side which makes it great for beginners.
Keep the following guidelines in mind as you pluck:
1.Grab the hairs close to the root without gripping and ripping the lace.
2.You can tweezing the hairs in any direction you’d like, but be gentle.
3.Pluck away all of the hairs in the sections that are hanging down. You’re not done plucking until there are no hairs left in the section.

Step 4. Repeat the step above with additional layers of hair
The target is to make wig looks less density , so you are not only need to plucking the hairline near your forehead. But also have to pluck several layers .Using your tweezers,make sure that you do not pull too much hair out of the lace. Instead, focus on details in order to achieve a natural look.Repeat the step until you've achieved your desired look. Then comb out the strands that have been plucked away earlier, and you're all done.

Step 5.Creating Baby Hair
If you’re someone who likes sleek, laid baby hair, you don’t want to skip this step. Baby hair not only adds interest and style to your wig, but it also helps to conceal the lace during the styling process.

pluck effect

Wig Plucking Tips

Ensure that your closure, frontal or lace wig is securely pinned down before proceeding to the steps stated above.
Ensure that too much hair isn’t extracted, this will help you to avoid having bald spots.
Do not over pluck, this might cause your hairline to look extremely unnatural, the opposite of what you may have desired.
Avoid, as best as possible, not to rip the lace. This will be relatively difficult to fix.


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