18 Inch Wig

18 Inch Wig

An 18-inch wig typically refers to a wig that is 18 inches in length, measured from the crown to the ends.

18 Inch Wig Length

An 18 inch wig typically has hair that is 18 inches in length from the crown to the ends. The overall length of the wig will depend on the style and type of wig cap it has, but it usually falls somewhere around shoulder length or slightly longer. Keep in mind that the length of the wig may appear longer or shorter depending on the height and head size of the person wearing it.

How to Measure 18 Inch Wig

To measure the length of a wig, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a mannequin head or your own head.
  2. Place the wig on the head or hold it up against your own head.
  3. Use a soft measuring tape to measure the length of the hair from the crown to the ends.
  4. For curly or wavy wigs, measure the length when the hair is pulled straight.
  5. Measure the hair length from the top of the wig cap to the end of the hair, not including any additional hair extensions or clips.
  6. Round up to the nearest half inch or inch, depending on the precision of your measuring tape, to get the wig length.