Bantu Knot Wig

Bantu Knot Wig Reviews

Bantu knot wigs are a great way to add some curl definition to your hair while also giving it a break from heat styling.

Bantu Knot Wig can be worn as is or used as a base for other styles, such as buns or updos.

Bantu knot can be done on wet or dry hair, but if your hair is dry, make sure to use a good leave-in conditioner or natural oil to help protect your strands.

Start with small sections of hair and gradually increase the size of the sections as you get more practice. It's also helpful to use bobby pins or clips to secure the knots as you go.

Bantu knot wig is very soft and the curls are beautiful. I have received so many compliments on this wig. I would definitely recommend this wig to anyone looking for a nice, quality wig.