How To Stop Wig From Shedding

When you find your lace wig has a couple of strands shedding, don’t be alarmed. Human hair lace wigs are all sewn by hand, so the hair at the bottom is fragile. It is normal and natural for wigs to shed, every wig does it. But when the shedding area and quantity is rising up, like patches and clumps shedding. You must pay more attention on it. How to stop wig from shedding, here are some precautions.

Why is the wig shedding?

Comb it roughly
Please treat your wig gently as you treat your natural hair. Pull and comb wig roughly will make the hair strands fracture. Over pulling will also accelerate hair shedding.

Scratch the wigs
Stop scratching your wig when you having your wig on. It creating holes and frictions which cause shedding and tangling. Are you notice that where you scratch the most is where your wig is going to thin the most. So be gently to your wig.

Comb the wigs in a wrong way
Combing your wig from roots to ends will bring hair roots unnecessary pressure and tension. It is much better to start at the end to the roots. Detangling your wig often from ends to roots, ensure it smooth and no knots. This helps to keep tangles out in turn prevents shedding.

Comb the wig when it's wet
The moisture of the wig strands will cause the wig to become heavy. Wigs are most fragile when wet, and combing the hair at this time can easily tear the strands of the lace.

Apply heavy oily greasy products
Overusing these products will create residue, the residue coat the wig hair which will caused hair strands to knots and tangle.

Excessive heat
Although heat styling tools can be used on human hair wig, high temperatures also cause hair to falls out. Have you ever noticed your brandnew wig after using heat tools becoming not as long as before. Excessive heat will cause hair rips and break off.

Inferior wig
If none of the above behaviors are met, it is likely to be a quality problem with the wig. In order to save costs and increase production, some wig manufacturers have shoddy production line and sold unqualified products. Please choose carefully when purchasing a wig.

How To Stop Wig From Shedding?

Sleep with your wig properly
Detangle and comb your wig our every single night. Sleep with a satin bonnet. Satin bonnet is going to stop your wig from rubbing against your cotton sheets. While you can put on a head scarf to protect edges and glue down. It is best to sleep without wearing wig. However you think the process is troublesome, may be you can choose wear glueless wigs. Glueless wigs are easy to remove and can take off every night which make your life easier.

Remove adhesive cleanly
To the ladies who wear lace wig, make sure that you have all of the glue out of the hairline. Residual glue will damage the lace, and if it is not removed cleanly, it will cause the hair to falls off.

Choose products for wigs
Choose products that are specially formulated for wigs, or that contain very little alcohol when styling your hair. Avoiding hair care products with high alcohol content, included hairspray hair gel and shampoo. These products with alcohol can lead to damage, breakage and shedding. It is recommended to choose Sulfate-Free shampoo.

Avoid Heat
High temperature and UV rays from sunlight will damage the hair strands. Make sure avoid all of those things, like reduce the frequency of using heat styling tools, washing your wig with warm water(30~40℃), if the water temperature is too high, the wig lifespan will be reduced, and if it is too low, it may not be washed clean. Store it in a dry place, keep it out of direct sunlight.

Don't wash your wig frequently
The wig itself does not produce grease, it only gets some dust when it is worn, so the wig does not need to be cleaned frequently, usually twice a month is enough. If your wig is worn several times a month or two, you can wash it once every two months, depending on the specific situation.

Air dry your wig after washing it
Air dry is the best way to dry a wig. It is best not to use a hair dryer, if you use it, please adjust the cool setting. Warm setting will hurt the hair.

Comb hair gently
When combing, start from the ends of the hair, comb gently in sections, avoid pulling vigorously, and gradually comb to the top of the hair. You can spray an appropriate amount of care liquid and comb it smoothly with a wide tooth comb.

Seal your wig knots
Lace front and lace closure is the most vulnerable part of a wig. Seal the wig before installing can prevent shedding. Sealing the knots in your lace wig will make them more secure and extend the lifespan of your wig. Using wig knot sealer spray apply the lace part about 2 coats. Hold the spray bottle about 4 inches away from the wig. After applying it air dry at least 30 miniutes.

In order to prolong the lifespan, take some measures to prevent excessive shedding is necessary. Don't treat it casually just because it's a wig, treat them like it is your real hair. These tips will help your wig reduce wig shedding.

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