How To Make A Wig Look Real

How to make a wig look real is often a problem for wig beginners. They are usually concerned about the wig looking unnatural. There is a lot of knowledge in how to make wigs look real and natural. Follow along with this article to explore tips about it. Let’s start.

how to make a wig look real


How to make a wig look real 

1. Choose a Human Hair Wig
There is a certain gap between synthetic wig and human hair wig. No matter what material a synthetic wig is made of, it will never look as natural as a human hair wig. Curlyme hair wigs are all made by 100% virgin human hair which have high quality and flexibility, there are almost no artificial traces of the wig. The synthetic wigs are made of fibers, thicker than human wig. So it doesn't look real Besides, after a long time of use, the tips of the hair will curl up, which is difficult to manage. It is best to get a human hair wig, that you can wash, condition, color, set and style like you would your own hair.

2. Measure the right size
When wearing the wrong size, the wig can move around or pop off in different areas on your head and expose your natural hair. Therefore, to avoid this situation, please measure your head first and then choose different sizes of wigs according to the size of your head circumference. 

3. Rooted colors
Rooted colors in a wig give dimension and also give the illusion of the hair growing right out your scalp for those of you who have a favorite wig but it doesn’t come in rooted colors. I recommend getting a blend of two colors that way.Giving the wig dimension and make it looks more natural.

4. Bleach the knot
Bleaching wig knots is a crucial step for most human hair wigs. When a wig has unbleached knots, the lace will be covered in little black dots on it, so that the unit looks unreal. Bleaching the knots makes them less visible. Isee hair wigs are pre-bleached, so there are no need to bleach it. If you need bleach your wig by yourself, you can use volume developer and bleach powder to remove the knot. Mix your developer with the powder, making sure your mixture is thick enough then bleach just falls on the knot. The bleaching time should be longer than 10 minutes and less than 30 minutes.

5. Shake the wig
Shaking your wig loosen up the wig hair fibers and helps them move more independently so that giving it a more natural movement. It is going to be very tightly bound to that cap when those fibers a re sewn in whether by a machine or hand. Then it lays in a box until it reaches you. So that the shape of your wig may looks unnatural. Shake it help your get the natural hair radian.The most important tip is to avoid making the wig look perfect real.

6. Pull your hair flat down
Rub hands to generate heat to help hairs lay flat. The flatter your wig, the better natural look. Especially with wavy wigs, sometimes the wig fiber is coiled in a way that might not be the most natural look. It kind of looks like a helmet. Pull it down right along the wig cap, just pull a few out, like baby hairs. You could heat from your hand to press down the hair to fit more form-fitting to the head.

7. Pluck your wig
How to make a wig looks real in the front?Most wigs in the market are not pre-plucked, it may be thick and sometimes the wig knots may stick out. The key to solve the problem is to customize your hair line and pluck your wig. The ideal way is to part the wig's hair to mimic your natural hairline, and then start take some tweezers plucking the excess hair. Use accessories and style your wig as if it was your own natural hair.

8. Cut the lace
The lace wig has an extra lace at the front, allowing you to cut it according to your hairline shape to fit your face. Lace wigs create the illusion of a natural hairline, making your wig look as if it grew out of your head. They are very suitable for those women who are looking for a natural effect.

9. Correctly wear your wig
The correct method of wearing greatly affects the naturalness of the wig, you can follow the steps below to wear your wig
1)Comb your hair first, starting from the hairline and combing all the way back. If you have a lot of hair, you can do two braids. It is recommended to tie it up and fix it.
2)Put on the wig net. This step is crucial. Put the wig cap around your neck first, and then lift it up from the front to your head. Try to pay attention to the hair near the ears, bangs, and back of the head, otherwise it will affect the appearance. If it is long hair, your ends will also be clipped.
3)After putting on the hairnet, check whether it is flat and free of bumps. If there is, adjust it again, try to be as smooth as possible without bumps, and then fix it. Adjust the position to find a state that suits you, and then make your bangs and hair tips into a natural real state.

Final Words

In conclusion, making a wig look real is all about attention to detail and a bit of styling finesse. With the right wig, proper customization, and styling techniques, you can achieve a natural and seamless look that enhances your overall appearance.

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