How To Make Glueless Wig Look Natural

Recently, there has been a trend on social media to use glueless wigs instead of traditional lace front wigs. Glueless wigs have received a lot of praise for their unparalleled naturalness without the use of glue to secure them. In this blog post, we will introduce some tips for making your glueless wig more natural, into the next level.

how to make the glueless wig natural

How To Make Glueless Wig Look Natural

Glueless wigs are also a type of lace wig, so some techniques are interchangeable. You can apply the following tips to your lace frontal or lace closure as well.

1. Bleach wig knots
Usually, the wig knots of black hair are darker than the scalp color, giving them an appearance like black dots that are very visible and look fake. By bleaching the knots, you can achieve a more realistic look by lightening their color into blonde and reducing their visibility against the scalp. If your glueless wig is not bleached. Follow this blog tutorial to bleach your human hair  wig at home, or bring it to a professional hair salon for personalization:How to bleach knots on a wig. 

2. Pluck the hairline
If you observe your natural hair in front of the mirror, you will find the density of the hairline is not as evenly distributed as imagined. Appropriate hair removal from your new wig is necessary for creating a more natural look. Most people will choose to use tweezers to pluck a few hairs along the front of the wig, mimicking natural hair growth. It is not hard to operate, just work in small segments, step by step. If you want to know more details, you can further explore this article: How to pluck a wig.

3. Wear a wig cap
To make a flat head base, pulling your natural hair back is the first step. Next, wear a wig cap. Wig caps have a variety of materials, including bamboo, nylon, mesh, stocking, etc. Do not forget to select one that is breathable based on your demands. A skin-toned wig cap can perfectly camouflage your natural scalp.

4. Give the lace a tint
Most people would like to apply cheap concealer or foundation to the wig cap and lace. This helps the seamless blend between your wig cap and lace. This is the most basic and often used method. HD wig lace melts more easily than transparent lace.

5. Trim the extra lace
If the wig has extra lace, use an eyebrow razor to cut it off in a zig-zag shape. Pay attention; do not cut in a straight line, which is prone to warping.

6. Press the wig flat
Use a hot comb to press the roots of the wig. Rotate your hand to use the thick back part of the comb to press the hair close to the lace. Take your time and go slow for the best results.

With the help of these tricks, you may make your wig look less artificial and more like the real thing. Always remember to be patient, take your time, and personalize the wig to fit your own style.human hair glueless wig

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With the above tips, your glueless wig can look very natural. Choosing a high-quality wig is the first step. If you are interested in this latest hair item, browse our website. As a trustworthy wig brand, I believe our choice will satisfy you.

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