Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs & Extensions

We admire the creativity of what black women do with their hair, which is amazing. Many people do not know that many black women wear wigs, some for convenience, some as a protective style, and some for fashion purposes, so why do black women wear wigs and hair extensions?

black women 4c natural hair

What a lot of black girls and women have is 4c hair. So black women need to deal with how to get 4c natural hair long, how to retain hair length, how to take care of natural hair, and how to make the hair feel good? Wearing wigs can be a protective style to protect the natural hair from damaging of coloring or whatever and a wig is easier to handle.

Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs & Extensions

black women wear curly wigs

1. Wearing wigs for fashion purposes
Wearing wigs are a fashion trend, blacks are the biggest trend setters in regards to fashion and music worldwide. Wigs has become a world site fashion trend now.

Wearing wigs & extensions as an accessory that you add to your look, will helps you look beautiful. So if you feel good about wearing a wig, then do it. Women love to change and we love looking beautiful. So there is nothing wrong with changing.

2. For protective styling
Because the texture of black women's hair is fragile, protective styles such as wigs and braids can help protect their hair from damage caused by daily styling and environmental factors. Can be used to rest hair from styling, heat, and manipulation to help promote healthy hair.

3. 4c Natural hair hard to care for
When it comes to natural hair of Black women, we got to talk about 4c hair. The 4c hair is tight, dense texture and natural lift. Easy to be dry, takes more time to care for. How to get natural hair long, how to retain length, how to take care of natural hair, and how to make the hair feel good is the main problem for natural hair. So some black women choose to wear wigs and extensions.

4. Save time, 4c hair takes more time to straighten
Many black women wear wigs, weave or braids because they don't got time to be straightening their natural hair all the time. Wearing wigs and hair extensions saved black women a lot of time, especially in the mornings before school and nights. Women don't want to have to deal with time and having to manage it when it comes to the natural hair. We just want to wake up and go. Wearing wigs weaves and extensions gives them that ability.

5. Different wig hairstyles available
All women's thought: one day I want my hair to be in a kinky high puff and then the next day I want red silky straight hair. Wearing different hairstyles wigs just makes black women more attractive.

6. Other people's judgement
When a black woman wears her natural hair out, she can get stares, she can get people wanting to put their fingers in her hair. It is annoying. We all don't want to have to deal with other people's judgments including in the workplace. So wearing hair wigs, weave or hair extensions become a solution.

Black women have to deal with a lot of ignorant comments from people when it comes to wearing our natural hair and natural hairstyles.

7. Some black men prefer women with curly hair
Sometimes she may not even get the man she want because he not even attracted to natural hair. It is the fact that some men prefer women with long silky curly hair.

Most men don't really care about wearing weaves/wigs. Black women can just enjoy the variety and ease of wigs and braids. And people need to stop judging people based on hair.

In conclusion, it is a common thing that black women wearing wigs and extensions. Women can do anything that makes you feel good. All women  around the world alter there appearance to appear more attractive.

For example, almost all Asian women color and curl their natural hair to look good, and many Asian young women wear hair extensions to make their hair look fuller and thicker, many old women wear wigs to cover their hair loss and white hair. As far as I know, many white women wear wigs and hair extensions too. Its human nature and it’s the natural order of things. So why do black women wear wigs and extensions? It is just a fashion trend, keep looking beautiful!!

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