Do Black People Wash Their Hair

When we talk about black people, we always think of their hair which is naturally curly, tight to the scalp. Many people will be curious about the hair of black people. Some people wondered do black people wash their hair? This article will answer you in details.

Do black people wash their hair

Do black people wash their hair?Of course they wash, but not often. Our scalp will secrete oil to nourish natural hair. Generally, people with straight hair will wash their hair more often because the oil is easy to transmit to the whole hair. Their hair will soon become greasy. However, due to racial genetic exist, the hair of black people is naturally curled and easy to knotted. When the hair is spiral, the oil may not be distributed evenly. Besides, their hair texture is very soft and dry, so that they can’t wash their hair frequently. Frequent hair washing will caused their hair loosing and get fragile and dry. Meanwhile it is inconvenient to sort out and style. So,many people choose wear wigs. Wearing wigs not only change hairstyles quickly, but also protect natural hair from the damage of perm, dye and straightening. Wigs is an excellent protective style which can help natural hair grow long and healthy. Especially the glueless wig, no need to use glue to fix, very convenient to apply.

How often do black people wash their hair
Generally speaking, black people hair does not need to be cleaned regularly as other human races, because it will caused their hair duller and coiled. Therefore, to maintain hair cleaning and be protected. Most people tend to wash their heads a week or every two weeks.

Can black people wash their hair every day?
No. It is not recommended wash hair everyday. It will make their hair become delicate and extremely dry. For the black people hair health, it is ideal to use sulfate free shampoos which formulated without the use of sulfate based cleansers, can both keep hair moisture and oil stay, strengthen hair quality.

Does black people’s hair grow slowly?
Black people’s hair is tight and very curly coiled make it looks like a spring. Curls always look shorter with the same length of hair. Actually their hair grows just as fast as others. It is just harder to notice. Curly hair is also dry because the natural shape of the hair makes it harder for the cuticle to close. It is more difficult to absorb and retain moisture. So, it leaves their hair in need of extra care and attention.

How do black people wash their hair
Due to the special hair texture, extra care is required when washing it. Here are steps also for braided hairstyles
1. Use detangler or pre-shampoo to detangle hair before washing. Comb hair and smoothed the knots out. Once have applied the shampoo all over scalp, just take one minute or two to really scrub scalp and get all that dirt and build up off the tea tree oil. Relaxing the scalp. Then rinsing the shampoo off with warm water.
2. Shampoo hair in a second time. This time focusing on the shaft of hair. Use a sulfate free shampoo on the strands of hair and it really helps with build up hair quality. Gentle cleanser on hair prevent hair from damage.
3. Rinsing out all the shampoo and get ready to apply protein moisture balance deep conditioner. Apply it all over hair.Use a disposable shower cap or a grocery bag to tie on hair for 20~30 minutes. Rinsing the conditioner out.
4. Dry hair with a blow dryer. Apply a few drops of essential oils to the scalp. Then do massage.

Final words
Blacks do wash their hair, it's just doesn't wash them often. Frequently wash hair will caused hair and frizzy. Wash it about once a week or two is properly. Also, since black people’s hair is fragile, the hair needs to be treated with more care. Apply sulfate free shampoo and nourishing conditioner when wash hair. After cleaning, people can use Rose, Tea tree or Moroccan essential oil for massage. In daily life, minimize the use of heat tools. If you intend to change in your look and hairstyles but worried about hair damage, trying to wear wigs is an advisable choice.

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