CurlyMe Loose Wave Hair 180% Density Human Hair U part Wig Affordable Glueless No Lace Wig

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CurlyMe Hair
Hair Length :
Hair Density :
CurlyMe Hair
Hair Name: U part Wigs
Hair Style: Loose Wave Hair
Hair Length: 8-26 inches
Wig Weight: 200-320g/Wig (Depending on Lengths and Density)
Color: Natural Black
Density: 180% Density
Cap Size: Medium Size, 22.5inches
Quality: 100% Virgin Human Hair Wigs
Shipment: DHL, FedEx, or UPS 3-7 Business Days.

curlyme hair



What's a U-part wig?

Different from lace wigs, at the top of the U-part wig, there is a small U-shaped opening. This allows you to incorporate your natural locks and offers you a more natural hairline. The direction of the opening can also be customized to be the middle part, left part, or right part.
The wig is very beginner-friendly and easy to apply for a convenient and time-saving price.? If you don't know how to install a U-part wig. There are installation videos in the picture area to watch.

How Long Does CurlyMe Hair Last?

CurlyMe Hair can last 12-24 Months if you take care of it well. Of Course, we will show you how! Here are some Hair Care tips>>

How Soon Can I Receive the Express Delivery?

CurlyMe Hair Mall offers fast and free shipping worldwide

To US: 3-7 working days through DHL, FedEx, or UPS
To UK: 3-7 working Days through Dpex-Royal Mail.
To Germany: 3-7 Working Days through TNT
To other countries in EUR: 3-7 working days through DHL
To SA: 7-10 working days through Dpex or DHL

How to wash my Curly Hair?

Coldwater or lukewarm water clean, use some gentle shampoo. Hydrating shampoo such as Shea Moisture Shampoo or As I am Shampoo will be a great choice for curly hair. But that won't be necessary, it's OK to use a deep conditioner directly. According to the wearing frequency, generally in 2-3 weeks or so wash 1 time. Dry naturally after washing.

How to Maintain my CurlyMe Hair Curls?
It's better to take off the wig when you sleep, especially for a curly wig.
When the hair gets dry and poofy, you can use mousse or leave-in conditioner.

1. Wet the hair with water first, spraying the hair from the root to the ends. Detangle the hair with your hands first, then the combs. If there are tangled knots, don't worry, be gentle, you can leave it with conditioners, brush it too hard will cause shedding, we don't want that.
2. Smoothing your favorite product throughout the hair and continue to detangle it, you may like the Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner. Spray all over the section, and maybe add more on the ends, because the ends are usually drier quicker.
3. Mousse can help to keep the curls popping and keep it from freezing all day! Use it with a leave-in conditioner will be better! Also if you like a wet look, Mousse will be a great choice! It will be sealed in all your pretty little curls and maintain it really well!


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