Riding the Waves: A Guide to 20 Stunning Body Wave Hairstyles

If you have been longing for a hairstyle that effortlessly combines elegance and a relaxed beachy vibe, then you are in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of body wave hairstyles, offering inspiration, tips, and step-by-step instructions to help you achieve and rock those beautiful waves.
body wave hairstyles

What is Body Wave Hair

Body wave hair refers to a type of hairstyle characterized by loose, flowing waves that resemble the gentle, natural waves often seen at the beach. The waves in body wave hair are typically larger and more relaxed compared to tighter curls. This hairstyle is popular for its soft and subtle appearance, adding volume and movement to the hair without creating tight curls or straightening it completely.

body wave hair pattern

How to Get Body Wave Hair

1. Wearing Wigs
Wigs are pre-styled with a wavy body wave pattern. There are various types of wigs to choose from, including lace wigs, headband wigs, and V-part wigs. Here is an article to help you understand the differences and features of these wigs: 10 Different Wig Types Explanation.

2. Sew-in Body Wave Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are sewn into braided natural hair to add length and volume. Sew-in methods offer a long-lasting styling option with a natural look and feel, but their cons include the need for professional installation, potential time consumption, and the risk of damage if not properly cared for.

3. Perm Your Natural Hair
Chemical treatment alters the hair structure, creating a permanent wave pattern for a long-lasting, low-maintenance look. However, the chemicals in perms can cause irreversible damage to natural hair, leading to frizz or breakage.

4. Using Curling Iron
Use a curling iron or wand to create temporary body waves in natural hair for a quick and easy styling option. This method has the same shortcomings as perming, it will cause certain damage to the hair.

5. Crochet Hair Bundles
Hair bundles are looped through natural hair using a crochet hook to create a wavy or curly pattern. This approach incurs less damage compared to sew-in weaves but demands a certain level of skill; however, it doesn't boast the same longevity as sew-in installations.

how to get body wave hair

Can You Straighten Body Wave Hair

Yes, you can straighten body wave hair. One of the advantages of body wave hair is its versatility. It can be straightened using heat-styling tools like flat irons or straightening brushes. Keep in mind the following steps to achieve the best results while straightening body wave hair:

1. Heat Protection
Before applying any heat, use a heat protectant spray or serum on the hair to minimize the potential for heat damage.

2. Sectioning
Divide your hair into manageable sections to ensure even straightening.

3. Temperature Setting
Adjust the heat styling tool to the appropriate temperature based on the type and condition of the hair. Lower temperatures are generally recommended to prevent excessive heat damage.

4. Straightening Technique
Use a smooth and steady motion when straightening each section of hair. Avoid holding the flat iron in one place for too long to prevent heat damage.

5. Finishing Products
After straightening, you can apply a small amount of smoothing or anti-frizz serum to add shine and maintain the sleek look.

It's important to note that while straightening is possible, excessive use of heat styling tools can potentially cause damage to the hair over time. To minimize damage, use these tools sparingly, and always prioritize the use of heat-protectant products. Additionally, if you have hair extensions with a body wave pattern, keep in mind that frequent straightening may affect the longevity and texture of the waves.

20 Body Wave Hairstyles Inspiration

1. Body Wave Hair with Bangs Style

body wave hair with bangs

2. Loose Body Wave for Long Hair

loose body wave with long hair

3. Low Ponytail

low ponytail hairstyle

4. Side Part Short Body Wave Hair

short bob body wave hair

5. Side Heart Shape  Part Hairstyle

heart parting body wave hair

6. Twist Back Braiding Hairstyle

twist back braid hair

7. Light Pink & Red Ombre Long Body Wave Hair

ombre color hair

8. 12 Inch Frontal Braid Body Wave Hairstyle

12 inch body wave hairstyles

9. 10 Inch Body Wave Short Hair

10 inch body wave

10. Brown Money Piece Hair

brown money piece effect

11. Half-up Half-Down

half up half down

12. Middle Part Body Wave Medium Length Hair

medium length body wave hair

13. Blonde Colored Body Wave Hair

pure blonde hair body wave

14. High Ponytail

high ponytail

15. Side Swept Bangs with Baby Hair

body wave hair with side swept bangs

16. Highlight Brown Hairstyle

highlight brown body wave hair

17. Double Frontal Ponytail with Body Wave Updo

double frontal ponytail with updo

18. Pigtails Hairstyle


19. Layer C-part Colored Body Wave Hair

layer c part body wave hair

20. Reddish Brown Colored Hair

reddish brown body wave hair

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