Exploring Different Wig Textures: A Comprehensive Guide

Many beginners may feel hesitant among the many wig textures when planning to choose a new wig. They do not know which one really suits them. Honestly, there do exist wig textures that are very similar in appearance. In order to help you make an informed decision, today we will give you an in-depth understanding of the texture of the 12 most common wigs currently on the market and introduce their unique features.

Different Wig Textures Guide

CurlyMe Different Wig Textures

Straight Hair
Straight wigs are the most popular choice. Known for its smooth, silky texture, this wig is highly adaptable and is truly a versatile product. You can use heat styling tools to re-design it, create various wavy patterns such as body wave and ocean wave. Therefore, some people joked that it is like Doraemon's pocket, which can create different surprises every time. Compared with curly hair, this kind of hair is very easy to manage. Just need to wash and condition it regularly, apply hair oil as needed, and then straighten it with a flat iron. The 24-inch length is our brand's best-selling length.
straight wig texture
Kinky Straight
Just like its name, this wig is a combination of kinky curly and silky straight hair. This hair texture mimics the natural look of black women's blow-dried hair, which is very voluminous and airy. It can bring you a relaxed and chic style. In the past two years, influenced by the trend of retro afro music, it has become more and more popular. Many people can't tell the difference between kinky straight and yaki straight. Simply put, it is fluffier than yaki, with obvious kinks, and yaki is smoother. Our other blog will give you a detailed introduction to the differences between the two.
kinky straight wig texture
Natural Wave
Some people often confuse this texture with water wave hair. They are indeed very similar in appearance. The water wave curls are more fluffy and look like water ripples. This hair texture is suitable for women who pursue a more natural wavy effect. It is not so curly, not so straight, and the style is not strong and obvious. It’s a choice you can never go wrong with.
natural wave wig texture
Body Wave
Body wave has always been synonymous with subtle elegance. The charming waves are like the naturally attractive S-shape of a sexy woman. It is also a classic product. This kind of wave can be created by using a curling iron on straight hair, so many people think it is not cost-effective. In fact, it can also straighten and restore the curly shape after washing. In addition, it is also suitable for people who do not know how to use a curling iron or who are busy.
body wave wig texture
Ocean Wave
The mesmerizing waves of the mystic ocean inspire this texture. Their soft curls create a cozy and carefree look that is reminiscent of a day at the beach. It's a product that became very popular when we launched it last year. Perfect for creating a relaxed summer vibe.
ocean wave wig texture
Wand Curls
This wig gives off a cute and playful appearance that makes me think of the wizarding world from Harry Potter movie. Hence its name wand curls. If you want to stand out, try this look. Wearing this wig, there will be a wonderful adventure waiting for you, and you will also open the hidden station nine and three-quarters in your heart.
wand curls wig texture
Water Wave
Water wave wig is also called summer wig, and summer will come with its sales peak. Many women will mix conditioner with water and spray it on their hair to create a wet effect and give people a fresh and juicy look. It also has a fluffy and casual appearance when dry, making it a must-have item.
water wave wig texture
Deep Wave
Deep wave wigs feature tightly defined curls in one direction which can add order to your style. Many people can't tell the difference between it and water wave hair. The curls are tighter compared to water wave wigs, resulting in a more voluminous appearance.
deep wave wig texture
Loose Wave
Loose wave wigs strike a balance between body wave and deep wave wigs. They offer a relaxed yet stylish appearance that's suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you want to be elegant or playful, it can suit your needs.
loose wave hair texture
Loose Deep
Loose deep wigs combine loose waves with deeper curls, creating a textured and voluminous look. This wig has become less popular in recent years than it once was, and many people think there are better options. But it actually has a small, steady and loyal customer base of fans for this hairstyle. Just like our life, there is always someone who can discover our beauty, so we must always maintain confidence. Confidence is the secret to our radiance.
loose deep wig hair texture
Kinky Curly
Kinky curly is a hit among hits and has never been surpassed. This is enough to illustrate its charm. It is passionate and romantic and attracts people just like the rich black culture. You will find yourself different when you wear it. This is also the wig I choose most often. I believe every girl has it in her home. If you don’t have it yet, you must try it for your next wig. You won't be disappointed!
kinky curly wig hair texture
Afro Curly
This wig is a symbol of African fashion culture. They represent a bold appearance while radiant strong life dynamic power. Always evoking a sense of liberty and bravery. This kind of wig is extremely puffy and soft, like a marshmallow on your head. For people who wish to appreciate their heritage and natural beauty, they are an ideal choice.

afro curly wig hair texture

Final Words

I believe you have gained a deeper understanding of each wig texture through the introduction of this article. I am honored that CurlyMe Hair brand can help you convey wig knowledge and the latest fashion trends. If you still have questions, you can leave a comment and we will give you a professional answer. In addition, you can also bookmark our website to receive our professional wig care articles. Thank you for your likes!

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