How to Wash a Human Hair Wig

Have you ever wondered how to keep your human hair wig looking fresh and beautiful? Proper maintenance, especially regular washing, is key to ensuring your wig remains in top-notch condition. In this guide, we will explore the steps on how to wash a human hair wig to maintain its cleanliness, hygiene, and natural allure.

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How Often to Wash Human Hair Wig

It is important to balance between keeping the wig clean and maintaining its integrity. Washing too frequently can lead to dryness and damage while washing too infrequently can cause the accumulation of dirt, oils, and product build-up, which can affect the appearance and longevity of the wig.

The frequency of washing human hair wigs to maintain their quality can vary depending on individual preferences and how often the wig is worn. However, a general guideline is to wash human hair wigs about once a month.

If you wear your wig less frequently and it remains relatively clean, you may be able to stretch the time between washes to every 6-8 weeks. On the other hand, if you wear your wig daily or regularly expose it to sweat, styling products, or environmental factors, you may need to wash it more often, perhaps every 2-3 weeks. Ultimately, pay attention to the condition of your wig. If it starts to look dull, tangled or weighed down, it may be time for a wash.

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How to Wash A Human Hair Wig

Regularly washing a wig helps eliminate accumulated dirt, oils, and product residue, keeping the wig clean and fresh. Additionally, it maintains good hygiene, preventing odors and the growth of bacteria. Here is a detailed guide to help you properly clean your human hair wig.

how to wash human hair wigs at homePreparations before Washing Your Human Hair Wig

  • Detangling: Gently detangle your wig using a wide-tooth wig comb, a specialized wig brush, or your fingers. For curly textured wigs, using your fingers may be the most effective method. Start detangling from the ends and carefully work your way up to the roots of the wig.
  • Removing Buildup and Glue: For a used lace wig, it's essential to eliminate as much glue and buildup as possible prior to washing. Use a wig adhesive remover and a toothbrush to softly brush away any residue or buildup. When dealing with a delicate full lace wig or a HD lace wig, take extra precautions to prevent damage to the delicate lace during this process.
Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Start by filling a sink or basin with warm water. It is recommended to stop up your sink to use it as a basin for more effective cleaning.

Step 2: Add approximately a tablespoon of silicone mix shampoo to the warm water in the sink. This specific shampoo is favored for its effectiveness on hair. Silicone can lock in moisture, preventing dryness and maintaining hair hydration, keeping the wig soft. Especially suited in the cold season when hair tends to become dry. It can make hair easier to comb through and reduces knots and tangles.

However, If you don’t have silicon mix shampoo at home, you can also use mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner products.

Step 3: Submerge the wig into the water, giving it a gentle "bubble bath." You can dunk the wig in and out of the water and shake it around a bit to help loosen any product build-up or dirt. Remember, wigs are fragile, so be gentle. If there is any product build-up or glue residual on the wig cap, gently clean the wig cap using a small brush or toothbrush, taking care not to stretch or tear the material.

Step 4: Take another teaspoon or tablespoon of shampoo and work it into the hair, ensuring thorough coverage. You may notice that the water in the sink gets murky, indicating the removal of dirt and build-up. If your wig is not as dirty, you can skip this step.

Step 5: Once the hair is clean, rinse it with warm water to remove all the shampoo. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out the shampoo so there is no residue left.

Step 6: After rinsing, it is time to deep condition the wig. Use mild conditioner and work a generous amount through the hair, from root to tip. Pay extra attention to the nape of your neck and the front of the wig, especially if it has a lace front.

Step 7: Put the conditioned wig inside a plastic bag and tie it tightly. This step helps the conditioner penetrate the hair more effectively. Leave the wig in 15 minutes, then rinse it.

Optional: Place the bagged wig in the microwave for approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Exercise caution as it will be hot. The heat from the microwave helps the conditioner further penetrate the hair, leaving it soft and silky. After microwaving, remove the wig from the bag and rinse it with cold or cool water. This step helps seal the hair cuticles and adds shine.

Step 8: If necessary, you can detangle the hair using either your fingers or a leave-in conditioner. This will help remove any tangles or knots.

Step 9: Lastly, hang the wig upside down to dry. If the weather permits, hanging it outside is preferable. That way, the opening of the hanger allows air to circulate inside the wig, drying it faster. If it's raining, you can hang it inside. Using a children's pants hanger is helpful for this method. Once fully dry, your wig should still have its body and look great!

How to Dry a Human Hair Wig after Washing

Drying your human hair wig properly after washing is crucial to maintain its quality and appearance. Follow these steps to effectively dry your wig:

Step 1: Gently Remove Excess Water
After washing the wig, gently pat it with a soft towel to remove excess water. Avoid rubbing or wringing the wig, as this can cause damage or tangling to the hair fibers.

Step 2: Air-Dry Naturally
Place the damp wig on a wig stand or a clean, dry towel in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or heat sources like blow dryers, as excessive heat can damage the hair fibers.

Step 3: Avoid Combing Until Partially Dry
Allow the wig to air-dry partially before attempting to comb or style it. Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage, so it's best to wait until the wig is at least partly dry before styling.

Step 4: Use a Cool Setting on a Hair Dryer (Optional)
If time is a concern, you can use a hairdryer in a cool setting to aid the drying process. Hold the hairdryer at a safe distance from the wig to prevent heat damage and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle gently.

Step 5: Final Styling
Once the wig is completely dry, you can proceed to style it as desired. Use a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush to achieve the look you want. If using heat styling tools, remember to use them sparingly and at low temperatures to avoid damaging the wig's hair fibers.

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Final Words

Now that you have learned the process, it is time to keep your human hair wig looking as stunning as ever!

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