Why Do Many Ladies Like Blonde Hair?

What is the appeal beyond blonde hair? Blonde hairstyles have been the dream for many ladies for several reasons. At the basic level, the desire to have light hair represents the urge to appear different. One of the proven reasons why many women like blonde hair are the attraction and appeal it adds, which often translates to attention from men. Below is an in-depth understanding of why ladies like 613 blonde wigs.

Most Popular Shades of Blonde Color

You will undoubtedly come across multiple shades of blonde. Generally, blonde hair is hair characterized by low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. It tends to have some yellowish color across all variations.
Just from the color alone, there are over 70 blonde hairstyles.
The most common shades of blonde include;
  • Ash blonde
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Beige blonde
  • Caramel blonde
  • Sandy blonde
  • Golden blonde
  • Blorange
  • Bronde
  • Cream blonde
  • Vanilla blonde
  • Icy blonde
  • Honey blonde.

The honey blonde shade is a darker shade of golden blonde. The honey blonde is popular for highlights and ombre colors since it can be too brassy independently. Honey blonde is typically achieved with a hair color process.

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Blonde Hairstyles

Whether you decide on full-on blonde or simply adding some highlights, blonde hairstyles are plentiful for ladies. Here are some of the examples;
  • Straight hair. Letting your blonde hair loose is one way to show off your long and healthy hair
  • Classic blonde bob.
  • Curls. There are different variations of curly hairstyles that you can opt for with blonde hair, including kinky curly
  • Waved blonde bob
  • Braided crown
  • Rose blonde balayage
  • Corkscrew curls.
  • Body wave.

Style of Dying Blonde Hair

Luckily, whether you have red, brown, or black hair, you can DIY the color. Generally, dyeing your hair blonde requires using bleach to lighten the hair before applying blonde color. If you have blonde hair and would like more color options, you can still accomplish this from home.

There are several styles you can opt for when dyeing your blonde hair, including;
  • Uniform Color. This involves dyeing the entire hair a single color with no variations in it
  • Highlight hair. It typically involves coloring sectioned pieces. Some people tend to confuse traditional highlights with balayage
  • Balayage hair. Balayage provides lightness with a softer, more blended appearance.
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Wig Styles

Blonde hair wigs come in multiple styles to achieve different looks. The most apparent blonde wig styles include;
  • Lace frog wigs
  • Lace closure wigs
  • Bob wigs
  • 613 blonde wigs.

Why Many Women Love Blonde

  • Attraction

According to a Discovery News Article named "Why Do So Many Women Go Blonde," blonde hair was considered highly attractive to potential mates in the Ice Age. This is primarily because it was very rare. Many women nowadays admit to going blonde for the attention associated with blonde-haired women.
Blonde hair also adds an element of confidence. Most blonde-haired women possess this quality, either by default or the reactions that blonde hair elicits. As a result, many ladies want to be associated with such characterization.

  • Appeal

Generally, blonde hair color is an attractive choice. There are different shades of blonde that suit different personalities and faces. Regardless of the shade one chooses, blonde hair adds a superior element of beauty.

  • Hiding Grey Hair

If you have grey hair due to age or genetics, blonde is often an easier way to hide the grey color.

  • Blonde Wigs Can Be Easy to Manage

Generally, natural blonde hair requires an investment. Investing in a blonde wig can be a worthy investment, depending on the type of wig you wear. The 613 blonde wigs are considered one of the most versatile wigs you can have. The blonde 613 wigs can be designed in various ways, ranging from simple curls to complex designs.
Moreover, the 613 blonde wigs can be colored with amazing results. They also come in multiple sizes. The 613 blonde headband wigs come in various sizes to allow you to customize your look. This is why most ladies who want to go blonde prefer the 613 blonde wigs.

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Bottom Line

Blonde hair comes in different shades to suit different needs. It can also be styled in dozens of ways, implying its versatility. A blonde hair wig provides you with an easier and less strenuous alternative to go blonde. Talk to your hair care provider to help you choose the ideal alternative for your blonde hair wig.

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