Find Cheap Colord 99J Burgundy Human Hair Wig For Black Women

What color is 99J Burgundy

If you are thinking about doing something different with your hair, why not go 99J burgundy hair? The burgundy color hair an awesome choice if you do not want to take a high risk but still want to change things up. And in this autumn, you will be definitely the most fascinating one with burgundy hair like straight burgundy wig, kinky curly burgundy wig, body wave burgundy wig. So how to get perfect burgundy hair for the fall? Let’s get started!

CurlyMe Hair colored 99J burgundy straight human hair lace front wig

Before all the work starts, what you need to do is preparing all the materials you may need during the dyeing process to ensure that your hair dyeing will go smoothly.

How to Take Care of Colored Human Hair

Things you will need:

  • Burgundy 99J hair dye
  • Bowl and boiled water
  • Hair dryer
  • Edges Brush (get it free for this hair:)
  • Flat iron

Step 1: Choose a permanent dye or temporary dye

There are two different kinds of hair dye: permanent and temporary. Permanent dye lifts the hair cuticle and lasts for months. 

Temporary color, which places the dye on top of the natural hair color, will last for a few days or weeks. To get the best results, you have to understand what dye can (and can't) do. The results guide on the back of the box only shows what you’ll get if you put that shade on natural, uncoloured hair. Remember, It’s only virgin hair you can lighten with permanent dye. And if make permanent dye, search for a product that the correct shade of burgundy and is also labeled “permanent”.

Step 2: Mix burgundy dye with water

Prepare boiled water because it can be dyed more easily and take colors when the water is boiled. And then use burgundy dye as the picture below and add them into the water, mix it with water. Remember do not add too much at the first time in case of the deep color as some people may just like the light color, normally a bottle is enough. If you want a deep color, you can add more according to your needs.

How to dye 99j burgundy hair wig - curlyme hairHow to dye 99j burgundy hair wig - curlyme hair

Step 3: Put the hair into water

When the dye is fully incorporated into the water, put the hair into the water and let it soak completely in water. Let your hair sit in the dye bath for 15-25 minutes. 15 minutes should be enough for light brown hair. If you’re blonde, you may only need to soak for about 5 minutes. If you have dark hair, 20-25 minutes is probably more realistic. The timing also depends on the level of color saturation you want to achieve. The longer your hair sits in the water, the more vibrant your results will be.

How to dye 99j burgundy hair wig - curlyme hairHow to dye 99j burgundy hair wig - curlyme hair

Step 4: Apply the hair dye

After soaking the hair for a certain minutes, it is time to take your hair out of the boiled water and then let it sit for a while to get a better color. At the same time, you can observe that some parts of your hair may not be evenly colored. This is where you can dip a brush in some hair dye and apply it to your hair to make it look evenly colored. Begin by applying the dye from top to bottom. Apply the colored 99J burgundy human hair wig dye to thin layers of hair, proceeding to the next section when you've completely covered your working section. Continue in this fashion until your hair is completely covered.

Step 5: Wash the hair

keep it in for advised amount of time and then shampoo and condition your hair. Wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo will help reduce the intensity of the original color, as it causes your hair to fade faster. Shampoo your hair with the clarifying shampoo at least twice in the shower for the best results.

Step 6: Apply heat to your shampooed hair for better results.

If desired, you can use a hair dryer to heat up the clarifying shampoo before rinsing it out again. This will help your hair cuticles open up to release even more color. Put the hair on the model head and heat your shampooed hair with a hair dryer for about 1 minute.

Step 7: Make Transformation and instalment

The lace maybe also turns to burgundy color because it's completely immersed in water. Therefore, when installing the hair, it can be transformed to a color close to the skin, so that it will look more natural and beautiful. Babyhair is also crucial not just for burgundy hair, but for all wigs. So make it with the edges brush, which can be easily to use. Finally, straighten with flat iron, you hair will be impeccable!

How to dye 99j burgundy hair wig - curlyme hair

Hair dye can allow you to change your entire style with ease. So we hope that our tips on making your own burgundy 99J color hair dye have helped you and that you will try it at home. This method is excellent for those who want to color hair in convenient way. Try other tones if you like the way it looks on your hair. If you are satisfied with this hair dye, subscribe us please and we would like to discuss more methods of hair dyeing with you.

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