What is The Difference between Full Lace and 360 Wig

Wigs come in different types to suit different styling needs and preferences. Here are two popular options in the wig world are his full lace wig and his 360 lace wig. Although they may seem similar at first glance, each has its own characteristics. In this blog post, we will detail the differences between full lace wigs and his 360 degree wigs so that you can choose the right wig for your desired look.

What is The Difference between Full Lace and 360 Wig

What is a Full Lace Wig

A full lace wig is a type of wig constructed entirely from lace material. The base of the wig is made from a sheer lace cap that covers the entire head. Each hair strand is individually hand-tied to the lace base holes, which gives the illusion of all the hair were growing from the scalp. Full lace wigs are incredibly versatile, allowing for various styling options. You can part your hair anywhere, wear it in space buns, high ponytails, straight cornrow braids or any other complex style you desire. The entire lace base cap gives a seamless appearance. Creating a full lace wig is a more complex process. Consequently, it is also the most expensive option among lace wigs. 

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What is a 360 Lace Wig

A 360 lace wig is a type of wig with lace around the perimeter of the head. The human hair on this lace part is hand-tied into the lace holes. 360 means that the lace surrounds the head 360 degrees The rest of the wig is constructed with lace. 360 lace wigs are a popular choice because they provide a natural-looking hairline all around the head, allowing for versatile styling options. This wig is ideal for creating a ponytail hairstyle because its hairline and neck are made of lace, making it very natural.

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What is The Difference between Full Lace and 360 Wig

1. Hairline Coverage
Full Lace Wig: A full lace wig offers a natural hairline across the entire perimeter of the head, including the back, sides, and front.

360 Lace Wig: A 360 lace wig provides a natural hairline only around the head, with the rest of the wig constructed using wefts. The back and sides may not be as versatile for styling.

2. Styling Versatility
Full Lace Wig: Full lace wigs allow for more styling versatility, including updos and different kinds of braids, as the entire wig cap is made of lace and gives the appearance of hair growing from the scalp.

360 Lace Wig: While 360 lace wigs still offer some styling flexibility, they may not be as suitable for intricate updos and braids because of the weft cap back and sides.

3. Breathable and Comfort
Full Lace Wig: Full lace wigs are generally more breathable and comfortable due to the entire cap being made of lace, allowing for better airflow to the scalp.

360 Lace Wig: The wefted construction in the back and sides of a 360 lace wig may make it slightly less breathable compared to a full lace wig.

4. Price
Full lace wig: Due to the entire wig being constructed with a lace base, it has the highest cost and selling price among lace wigs. A full lace wig typically costs approximately $50-70 more than a 360 lace wig with a similar hair length.

360 lace wig: The price of a 360 lace wig falls in between that of a lace frontal wig and a full lace wig. It is a more cost-effective option.

5. Maintenance

Full lace wig: Full lace wig requires more maintenance because the base is entirely made of lace. Extra care is required when washing and styling your hair to avoid damaging the delicate lace

360 lace wig: Compared to full lace wig, 360 wig requires lower maintenance. But don't treat it carelessly. Proper shampooing, care and maintenance can extend the service life of your wig.

360 Lace Wig VS Full Lace Wig: How to Choose

The choice between a full lace wig and a 360 wig depends on your styling preferences and budget. If you want complete styling freedom or are willing to invest in premium options, a full lace wig may be your best choice. On the other hand, if you want a completely natural hairline without the need for an elaborate updo, a 360 wig is a more cost-effective solution.

Both full lace wigs and his 360 degree wigs have their own advantages, and your choice ultimately depends on your styling needs and budget. No matter which one you choose, these wigs make it easy to achieve an amazing natural look.

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Final Words

Full lace wigs offer a seamless, natural hairline all around and greater styling versatility, while 360 lace wigs provide a natural hairline in the front and still allow for a range of styles, but with some limitations in the back and sides. Your choice between the two will depend on your desired look and styling preferences.

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