What is the Difference Between Deep Wave Hair and Water Wave Hair

Both deep wave hair and water wave are curly hair. There is almost no visual difference between deep wave hair and water wave hair. Under keen observation and based on your experience, you can easily distinguish what sets the two apart. Here is an expert guide on determining the difference between water wave hair and deep wave hair.

deep wave wig vs. water wave wig

What is Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave is curly hair that gives off a full beautiful, healthy appearance with sufficient sheen. Its textures flow regularly in smooth waves, except it has much tighter curls than body wave curly hair.

Most people often confuse the deep wave wig with the kinky curl since it has a unique resemblance to kinky curly wig when it frizzes up.

Deep wave lace front wig is 100% unprocessed virgin hair with fully aligned cuticle. The lace front wigs can be bleached, dyed, permed, highlighted, or styled as your hair.

The deep wave lave front wigs have superior comfort quality and superior convenience use.

deep wave hair

What is Water Wave Hair

Water wave hair is a unique virgin hair pattern combining wavy and curly hair look to create a natural look. Water wave hair is different from alternative curly hair extensions since it has irregular patterns. Its most outstanding feature is its sleek and sexy look without needing to use any water or hair product.

The water wave lace front wigs are also real virgin human hair with the full cuticle aligned. The water wave lace front wigs can be dyed, curled, bleached, highlighted, or as styled as one's hair.

water wave hair

Difference Between Deep Wave Hair and Water Wave Hair

deep wave hair vs water wave hair

The primary difference between the two is the hair volume appearance and the curl-laying direction. The water wave hair has curl patterns positioned in opposite directions, giving it the appearance of a large volume. It also blends in naturally well with your hair. On the other hand, the deep curly hair faces the same direction and appears relatively flat.

Compared to deep waves, the water wave kinky curly hair has a more tight curl. However, both are nice healthy lace closure wigs you can choose to give you a luxurious look.

Unlike deep wave hair, the water wave kinky hair is smaller and tighter, meaning it will appear thicker. Generally, water wave lace closure wigs are relatively fluffy and do not alter the shape of your face. They are also a little hard to keep in shape, meaning you will need curling tools to maintain them.

Both deep wave and water wave lace front wigs need proper care and maintenance. However, the water wave wig is a type of curly hair that typically turns around itself, creating a zig-zag pattern. Despite appearing strong, it needs regular and proper maintenance. 

Deep Wave Vs. Water Wave: How to Choose Between Them

Deep wave hair and water wave hair have different textures. Here is a brief comparison to help you choose:

1. Personal Preference
Consider which texture you personally prefer. If you like tighter and more defined curls, go for deep wave texture. If you prefer a looser, more natural look, opt for a water wave texture.

2. Hairstyle Goals
Think about the hairstyle you want to achieve. Deep wave hair may give a more glam and voluminous look, while water wave hair might be ideal for a relaxed, beachy vibe. The end of this article features a collection of popular hairstyle images showcasing deep wave and water wave textures. You can use these pictures as a rough reference for your decision.

3. Maintenance
Consider your maintenance preferences. Deep wave hair may require more care to maintain the defined curls, while water wave hair can offer a more low-maintenance option.

Deep Wave Hairstyles Inspiration

1. Half-Up Half-Down Bun

deep wave hairstyles-1

2. Side Part with Baby Hair

deep wave hairstyles-2

3. Swoop Bang

deep wave hairstyles-3

Water Wave Hairstyles Inspiration

1. Half-Up Half-Down

water wave hairstyles-1

2. Water Wave Hair with Headband

water wave hairstyles-2

3. Two Pigtails

water wave hairstyles-3

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