Top Halloween Makeup ideas With CurlyMe Human Hair Wigs

The annual holiday celebration of Halloween Halloween is quickly approaching. Do you have ideas what direction you want to go in? Halloween is the best time of year to do something new to your hair that you wouldn’t normally do. It’s a chance to get creative and be shamelessly bold. If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween makeup ideas, here are some ideas for you and whatever your costume, you’ll be all treats and no tricks with these cool hairstyles for Halloween.

Straight Hair

Devil makeup with hair horns can be the most attractive style in Halloween. Hair horns is the hairstyle which is simple but attractive one if you make some colors. The first thing you need to do is section hair in two sections piggy tails at the top and make it half up. Next, dampen your hair to make sure your hair is flat. When holding the horns, probably it will take you a few times. So do not get discouraged if you can not get it in the first couples of minutes. The last step is to add some color to the horns. Both straight hair lace frontal wig and 613 Blonde Straight Human Hair Wig  can help you make perfect honors and be the unique one in Halloween.

straight hair hair lace front wig - curlyme human hairstraight hair hair lace front wig - curlyme human hair

If you prefer cool look, you can act female Michael Myers. Without the complex process of making up, just make the hair in the frontal into the color of brown to better match with your costume and then wear a jacket, you will be the Female Michael Myers in Halloween night.

straight hair hair lace front wig - curlyme human hairstraight hair hair lace front wig - curlyme human hair

Kinky Curly

If you want to do something different with your curly hair, why not try to braid it? Firstly, apply hair mask to the hair to make it more easy to braid. Then part the hair in the frontal into several sections and use a rubber band to tie up each part of your hair. Add glue before brushing the hair and baby hairs down. Finally, make the rest of the curly hair more Afro.

Kinky Curly Lace Front wig can be the best choice for you to do this hairstyle as the lace size is 13*4 which is definitely natural when braiding and the hair length of 8-14 inches can meet your needs you do different styles.

Hairstyle Recommend -5Hairstyle Recommend -6

Another way to braid out your hair more easier is to have a look of cute cat. By braiding a small part of the hair and holding it to the shape of cat ears, the hairstyle is finished. Easy and cute hairstyle for Halloween, you can have a try.

Hairstyle Recommend -7

Body Wave

Glam Bloody Mary

When coming to Bloody Mary, everyone will think of scary. So if you have this Halloween look, it’s would be definitely to surprise your friends. Full lace wigs can help you better style this look. Bleach the knots on the lace part and wear a white veil and then make up a bloody look. The density on this wig is so good so it looks very natural. The best part of the wig is that it takes to heat amazing so that you can curl the hair in five minutes.

Hairstyle Recommend -8Hairstyle Recommend -9

Creepy Clown Girl

One creative look is usingcolor to stand out such as if you act creepy clown girl, you can uselots of purple colors, but if your costume is another color, you could totally change the colors to fit your clown. CurlyMe body wave wig canhelp you better match with you style, You can separate your hairfromthe middle into two parts and tiebuns on the sides to make it look more natural.

Hairstyle Recommend -10Hairstyle Recommend -11

BOB Wigs

The slasher film written and directed by Don ManciniCult of Chucky justis so popularand then on top of that Chucky is like one of my favoriteDracula movies. So if you are thinking about playing female Chucky, choosing a bob wig may be the first step you need to do. CurlyMe have various color wigs for your choice. Burgundy hair and pink color hair as well asPurple Color Straight Lace Frontal Wigs. With different color, you can DIY different Chucky look. Also, you can dye by yourself to get your favorable colors.

Hairstyle Recommend -12Hairstyle Recommend -13

With these Halloween makeup ideas, you must know your directions of Halloween look so it is time to get started to papered for you Halloween look now. All these products are 50% off in CurlyMe Hair

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