Thin part Wigs: Everything you need to know!

Most people have heard about lace front wigs, or about those with glue (permanent application). Further construction options, however, are unknown to the general public, and many consumers do not enter the process of searching for a suitable wig, that really fits them.

In this article, we will talk about thin part wigs, a perfect choice for those who would prefer an option with no lace wigs. So, let's have a look at the instructions described below!

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What is a Thin part wig?

The construction of a wig, as similar as possible to human's scalp, has been on demand for hundreds of years, silk, silicone, and lace are just some of the materials that have been used, from time to time, for this purpose.

Thin part wigs are a special mix, Use the invisible part sewing method to make these v part wigs (This is Not U Part Wig! New Product No Glue No Gel No Lace Hair). It is a construction innovation that allows you to leave out the glue of your hair, for a more natural look. Of course, it also ensures the classic full coverage of your hair. It is a 2 in 1 option, ensuring you a natural result, without lace and glues. Thin part wigs offer you a "Comfortable feel" and Keep natural look in the same time!

To whom are they addressed

They are an ideal solution for professionals or amateurs, actors and entertainers, due to the ease of application and removal. The absence of lace, glue and sewing is catalytic in the flexibility offered by thin part wigs.

Placement procedure

That is a quite simple procedure, as thin part wigs are attached to your head, through a series of properly placed clips. In addition, they have extremely thin flat wefts without seams at the top, which can be worn easily. This does not create the disproportionately large volume of hair, that we usually see on wigs, and which testifies that someone is wearing a hair extension.

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Difference from U part wigs

A U part wig is a wig with a U shaped opening at the front. It allows you to leave out a part of your hair to blend with the wig. You can blend and manipulate your leave out over the top of your wig or attach a closure.

A V part wig is a wig with a V shaped opening at the front,  Although both of the two wigs needs no glue and are easy to wear, the V part wig is Padlocks are superior, due to the fact that they do not need so much hair for wig's application, and u even don't need to treat your own hairstyle.

In addition to the technical differences mentioned above, there are some more obvious ones, such as the fact that U part wigs have (as their name implies) a "U" shape at the top,and it is fixed opening size, On the other hand, thin part wigs are just little partitions, 4-6 inches long, wide can be adjustable as you like, Even support to only show your own hair part line.

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Benefits of wearing Thin part wigs

Benefits of wearing Thin part wigs

Using thin part wigs you will not have to worry about little lace holes, that observe on your scalp, while you will no longer need to try to combine large gaps. Your everyday look will not differ much from your filtered self, on social media.

The main advantage of these wigs is the ease of application,You can wear them in only 3 minutes! due to the absence of lace, Forget the hassle of untying knots, sticking a wig cap, or plucking lines and accessories! The part you hair freely, pull them back, drop the wig and you are ready! In addition, thin part wigs are more protective, compared to others of similar construction. After all, they do not require any special handling on your hair or hairline.

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Drawbacks of wearing Thin part wigs

The basic premise of using this type of wigs is you have hair . In any other case, the aesthetic result will be unnatural, while your original goal will have failed.

Regarding the support system with clips or combs, used at the wig's placement procedure, it can cause breakage or loss of your natural hair, if it is not placed properly, as well as if your scalp is strained enough. So, make sure you have braided your hair properly before applying a thin part wig so that you will feel more comfortable.

This article has described thin part wigs, a different proposal among common versions. No matter which choice you will make in the end, it is indisputable that wigs have entered our lives for good, consumer demands are increasing, while the differentiation in terms of needs they will serve is multiple. Whether you are a theater or television professional, whether a woman who wants to impress or a person undergoing chemotherapy, we are here to meet all your needs, as long as you trust our expertise!

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