The Wig Travel Guide: How to Pack a Human Hair Wig safely

The Wig Travel Guide: How to Pack a Human Hair Wig safely - CurlyMe Hair

If you're wondering how to pack a human hair wig correctly for travel, then this is the article for you! In this post, we'll walk you through some tips for transporting your hairpiece properly, so it arrives in perfect condition.

What to do before you pack your human hair wig

How Do You Pack Hair Products For Trave

TSA suggests that you prepare for packing by placing all liquids in a clear bag with a zip-top. This could be something as simple and cheap as a large Ziploc bag, or you can easily find TSA-approved bags made of sturdier plastic for under $5.00. These bags will prevent spills and can be quickly wiped down if necessary.

Before you get to the nitty-gritty of how do you pack human hair wigs for travel, it's important that you take the time to put your hairpiece through a few safety checks.
Remove any tangles or knots by combing through with a wide-tooth comb. Take extra care when handling your hairpiece as excess pressure can cause damage.
Separate the hair into sections if your wig is one that is made with multiple braids. This will allow you to pack each section in a separate bag ensuring that they arrive at their destination without any tangling or knotting occurring.
Check for any loose or missing pieces. If there are any missing or loose pieces, they should be immediately added back into their appropriate place and secured gently with pins or clips.

How to pack a Lace Front Wig Safely into a suitcase/travel bag

How to pack a lace front wig safely into a suitcase/travel bag

Pack your wig away in a high-quality wig bag or storage box. These can be purchased from your favorite online beauty store or even your local wig shop. A quality storage box will ensure that the hair is securely packed away and can help protect it in the event of any bumps or knocks during travel.

Leave some space at the top for air to circulate. This will ensure that your hairpiece is not too hot or too cold and can be transported safely.

Roll up any items that you think may become damaged during transit. If possible, pack small delicate items in their own box so they don't incur wear and tear during travel.

If you're packing your lace front wig into a suitcase for transport, don't pack it with heavy items such as books or shoes. Heavy items can cause damage to your hairpiece if they are stacked on top of it while in transit.

How many wigs do you need to pack? what hairstyle do you want to take?

How many wigs do you need to pack? what hairstyle do you want to take?

Short hair like a bob wig is easier to pack because in general, the shorter the hairstyle of the wig on the head, the smaller it is. A long bob will be harder than a bob wig with bangs. So, if you plan to travel with short hair, then take quite a few short wigs with you just in case one of them gets damaged during transportation.

Longer hairstyles, such as long hair with a center part or a layered bob, will be harder to pack. You may want to consider buying two wigs of the same hairstyle for your trip if they are long enough so that if one gets damaged, you have a spare.

However, if u want to have a wonderful, I really suggest taking more wig, the different wig can suitable with more clothes to make yourself be more attractive.

What do you need to take to protect your Wig?

What do u need to take to protect your wig?
Covers and caps are often used to cover the wigs and hairpieces. To prevent damage, make sure they are properly packed away in your suitcase, they should be kept somewhere safe and well protected from being squashed by other things you're packing.

You can also use a wig box for extra protection. It will keep moisture away from your wigs and you can easily transport more wigs at once.

How to ensure your wig will keep its beauty even if you put it in your trunk

body wave human hair wig

You can protect a wig by using a wig box (a special case) and placing it in a plastic bag at the bottom of your suitcase. It also prevents hair from escaping.

You could also wrap it in paper first, then inside cling film or ice pack, to stop water getting into the hair if you're traveling on an airplane.

How to repair your wig if it is damaged during travel

water wave hair wig

If your wig tangles while it is being transported, simply remove all tangles from the hair with a wide-tooth comb. If there are loose bits of hair that get pulled out during this process, they should be re-sewn back into place at once. Take extra care when removing any small hairs or stray pieces of hair from around the edges and knots so that nothing else becomes damaged in the process.

Also, you must know how to make curlyme hair more lasting, you should wash your wigs with a mild shampoo. You can use cotton pads or swabs to remove any extra water after the washing process and put the hair back into its original shape. For a human hair wig, you could also use styling products such as shampoos, conditioners, relaxers, etc on additional hair and apply low heat from a blow dryer to ensure that it is fully dried out before storing.

Once you're happy with the condition of your hair, simply rinse it out and squeeze excess water from the hair using an old towel or cloth to stop the wig from becoming damaged. Never rub your wig against anything hard or sharp, such as pins or clips, as this can damage the hair and cause split ends.

If you're washing your synthetic wig, you can use a mild shampoo to cleanse that too, but ensure it's not tangle-prone. After cleaning it, you should use a styling product for brushing and drying as well as moisture protection spray for added protection.

How to pack your human hair wig extensions safely for traveling

natural wave hair

If you wear hair extensions when traveling, make sure they are well packed according to how soft or hard they are. If they are soft, they should be bagged up in something to absorb any moisture. If the hair extensions are semi-permanent or hard, wrap them in a towel and place them in a box or bag.

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