Septum Piercing

The septum piercing, is to pierce a hole on the nose columella, also know as bull ring, is a very popular piercing these days.

Septum Piercing

Go find a reputable piercer, you want to pierce on the "sweet spot" of nose columella; which is a very thin, super soft, flexible spot in your septum that has no cartilage and that is where the piercing can go through; you do not want to hit the cartilage.

The septum piercing looks fashion, you will feel good and you can play with it, and it does not produce discomfort, only when you are sick due to snots, but you can just remove it. You can have it with any job and the jewelry options are insane. Plus, it's easy to hide the piercing for formal events, just flip the ring up.

Septum Piercing

How to Pierce Septum?

1. Finding the sweet spot. Sweet spot is basically a spot in your septum that has no cartilage and that is where the piercing can go through. Make sure you go for a reputable piercer.

2. Clean the area that they are got to put your piercing in.

3. Then get the clamp, clamp your nose with the little clamp and check they are get in the right space. Making sure that it was lined up in the perfect spot.

4. Start the needle through. After they get the needle through, get the clamp off and go get the jewelry, put that through.

How Much is a Septum Piercing

Septum piercing will cost $35-$100. The septum piercing cost vary due to where the septum piercing shop is, the shop scale and the experience of the piercer. Be careful when choosing your piercer, go find a reputable piercer, you want to make sure your septum piercing go through the "sweet spot" of nose columella, not to hit the cartilage.

Septum Piercing

How Long Does a Septum Piercing Take to Heal

Generally, the healing process takes about 2-3 weeks and in this time you may not felling good, and fully healed up in 2-3 month. After healing, you can flip your nose ring up and flip it down freely. But it can take longer if you hit the cartilage when piercing.

How to Clean Septum Piercing

The proper way to clean any piercing is get non-iodized sea salt, to do the sea salt soaks two times a day. And when cleaning septum piercing, you should get crusties off septum piercing as much as possible, because if the crusties pull through, it will hurt and irritate the tissue. It is a mucous membrane, so you got to keep it lubricated, so you need to keep those crusties off. Remember, Wash your hands before you clean your piercing.

1. Washing your hands.
2. Put a tiny bit of non-iodized sea salt in hot water. Make sure all the salt dissolved and you are good to go.
3. Soak your nose into the salt water or use a saline spray. Both are easy to do and do not require you to touch it.

Clean Septum Piercing Tips
1. Never touch any piercing unless you absolutely have to and if you do wash your hands thoroughly before hand.
2. Never use q-tips or cotton, they are not 100% sterile. They also contain fibers or cotton that can get trapped in the piercing and can cause infections and abscesses.
3. Never use soap of any kind, antibacterial creams, gels, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or and any strong skin cleanser. All of these will disrupt the natural healing and can lead to infection and/scar tissue to form.

Anytime you experience unusual pain, swelling or bleeding or any discharge, you should contact your piercer immediately and do not take out your jewelry at all.

Septum Piercing

Do Septum Piercings Hurt

As long as the piercing is done correctly, septum piercing should not hurt at all & should go in like butter. The piercer is supposed to go for the "sweet spot" which is a super soft, flexible area that has no cartilage. If it hurts more than a little pinch, its not done right! It feels like a very quick pinch, so basically it doesn't hurt at all.

Tearing up doesn't always means the septum piercing hurts. Some nerves in your nose are connected to your tear ducts causing you to tear up. Just close your eyes before the needle touches that part and you're good. Septum piercings are like one of the least painful piercings you can get if anyone wants one.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing

You can change your septum piercing after it is completely heals. Usually after 2 months you've done the piercing. Make sure the jewelry stay tight and not move in the healing process, you can not flipped your nose ring up in this section, if you have to flip it up for work or some formal events, go to your piercer.

How to Hide a Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing can be completely hidden by flipping your septum piercing jewelry up. Wash and sanitize your hands before you touch it; Grab the beats of septum piercing jewelry and then make a ugly face, tuck it underneath your nose, make sure you get it on the comfort place. Make sure your beads stay tight.

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