15+ Quick Hairstyles for Black Women

On those busy day morning, who would turn off the alarm clock and accidentally sleep more and wake up with no time to do your hair. You know you can get some fabulous hairstyles in minutes. Take away these quick hairstyles for black women, and be an exquisite woman. 

15 Quick Hair Styles for Black Women

1. High Puff 

high puff hairstyle for black women
High puff is a go-to hairstyle for black women. Style in under 5 minutes, effortlessly stylish for a rush morning. It would be a beautiful choice for the spring and summer too.
Step 1: Moisture and seal your natural tight curl;
Step 2: then lay down your edges with gel;
Step 3: later gather your hair up into a high puff.

2. Low Puff

low puff hairstyle for black women
Low puffs are classic and elegant hairstyles for black women. Giving a little extra romance with two little curls on sides. We like to do low puffs when we are feeling a little lazy. Super easy and quick to style in seconds. 
1. Begin by parting your hair into a middle part or a side part.
2. Add moisture to your curls.
3. Gather your hair to the back and use an elastic band to tie it up.
4. Use gel to define the hair edges.
5. Apply your curl-defining gel on the sides and create two little curls. Add a little romance.

3. Two Braids and Curls

two braids with curls hairstyle for black women
Two braids and curls is a timeless but versatile hairstyle for black women, it gives an appearance between Boho chic and classically elegant.

Step 1: Part the hair from front to back into two sections.
Step 2: French braid natural hair into two braids, applying some moisture and gel if needed.
Step 3: Adding natural small curls for full ends with kinky curly hair weave.

4. Half-Up Topknot

half-up top knots hairstyle for black women
Half-Up Topknot is a hairstyle that can get hair away from your face. Little curls hair texture will add more charm to the hairstyle. Perfect for black women with little curl hair texture. 

Step 1: Separate your hair in half front and half back.
Step 2: Gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail and create a loose braid.
Step 3: Wrap your ponytail up in a clockwise direction to create a knot.

5. Half up Space buns

half up space buns hairstyle for black women
Did you know that a simple change to your hair could update your whole look? Half up Double top buns hairstyle for black women is simple to do in under 5 minutes, super cute for school, a day out, a date night & it’s perfect for long & short hair!

Step 1: Brush your curly hair, part it in half front and half back.
Step 2: Part the front half in middle.
Step 3: Create 2 ponytail. Fold the ponytail and wrap it around with hair to create buns.
Step 3: Add some hairpins to set it.

6. Curly Bangs with Space Buns

curly bangs with two buns hairstyle for black women
Bangs With Space Buns hairstyle for black women in curly hair texture looks fabulous, the curly hair type gives natural volume, messy to the double buns. The long little curl bangs looks great, cute and wild.

Style it:
Part your bangs out. Twist your little curls, then unbraid it after a while, it will give amazing defined little curl result.
Middle part the rest of hair. Create two ponytails, then wrap your ponytails up to create two buns.
Use bobby pin to secure your buns and it's done.

7. 3 Buns Mohawk

3 buns mohawk hairstyle for black women
Like standing out from the crowd? This Buns Mohawk is the hairstyle for you. This hairstyle is so easy to do and will guarantee comments all day long!

Section the hair in 3 parts from front to back.
Make 3 ponytails up and tightly in a row, and secure them with hair bands.
Twist the hair strands and then twist them around to create a a bun.
Secure with hairbands or bobby pins.

8. Headband Curly

headband curly hairstyle for black women
Choose a long, defined curl that nicely frames the face and pushes them slightly back with a headband. A headband curly hairstyle for black women who have afro curly hair is perfect on lazy days. The highlights blondes makes it more romantic and attractive. 

How to style: moisture your curly hair pattern, or you can add some gel to define the hair edges. Take your headband and pull it backward for a beach loose look.

Effortless and quick headband wig style online.

9. Long Face-framing Bang and Half Up Ponytail

Long face-framing bang and half up ponytail hairstyle for black women
The best part of this hairstyle? Two face-framing pieces really define this look, you can curl or braid them, different effects with same fabulous result. Curl style adds its natural beauty and volume.
How to style:
Comb your hair back, and section out two hair strands at the middle front.
Create two braids or define curls of the two hair strands, you are done of styling the face-framing bang.
Piece your hair in half front and half back, use the front half to create a high ponytail. This trendy look can be achieved with just a few minutes.

10. Layered Long Defined Curls with Highlights

layered long defined curls with highlights hairstyles for black women
Whether you’re looking for an occasion-ready ‘do or want to add extra curls and texture to your look, this layer defined curls with highlights hairstyle for black women will turn heads and make you feel fabulous. Highlights color will creates contrast and resulting in gorgeous color transformation.

How to style:
Buy A highlight wig with kinky curly hairstyle.
Apply some leave-in conditioner to moisture your curls.
Use curl defining gel to create those long defined curls. 

11. Side Fringe With Two Space Buns

quick hairstyle for black women

Space buns are super cute, easy and quick hairstyle. Curly side fringe helps to frame your face shape and give a more finished style. Great choice for curly hair black women.

How to style:

1. Parting your hair into two section. Leave out two hair strands at front for creating long face-framing bang.
2. Tie up your hair for two high ponytails and wrap them around to create two space buns.
3. Using curly gel to define your side hair, curl bang into little curl,  add more style and definition to the result, super easy and quick hairstyle for curly hair texture.

12. Puff Hairstyle with Beads

quick hairstyle for black women

This puff hairstyle with beads looks amazing and delicate, you can wear it for wedding or party. But this hairstyle is quite easy and quick to style, here are the styling steps. 

1. Divide the hair into two sections, front and back. Style the front section into small twists with bead. Tie the back section into a high ponytail.
2. Part the front section of the hair in the middle, then divide the hair on both sides into front and back sections again.
3. Create tight twists for the front 4 hair strands, then tie together with hair bands. Decorate your small twist with beads.
4. Create a high puff for back part hair. Styling your side hair with curl definition gel. 

13. Cornrow Braids in a Bun

quick hairstyle for black women

Cornrow braids with buns is a match made in heaven! This hairstyle is very elegant and stylish, providing protection to the hair and keeping it moist and shinny. The hairstyle can keep intact for several weeks and easy to care.

How to style:

1.Divide a section of hair from front to back from side and braid it into a small plait, which can be supplemented with hair extensions to increase volume.
2. Then, divide another section of hair next to it and braid it.
3. Continuing until all the hair on the head is braided.
4. Wrap braids around and create a low bun.

14. Two Small Braids Bang and Curls

quick hairstyle for black women

This cute hairstyle for black women features two small braids framing the forehead, creating a stylish and youthful look. The loose curls hairstyle adding volume and texture to the overall appearance. This combination of braids and curls creates a playful and charming hairstyle. Super easy and timeless to style.

1. The hair is divided into two sections at the front, with each section braided into a small braid.
2. The remaining hair at back is left loose and styled into soft curls.

15. Face-framing Twists and High Bun

quick hairstyle for black women

The long face-framing twists and high bun hairstyle for black women is a chic and versatile look, effortless and quick to style. The two twists adds texture and visual interest to the front. The sleek bun style is very classic and elegant. This hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

1. Leave out two piece of hair on the front.
2. Gather together the remaining hair and tied into a high bun, positioned at the top of the head.
3. Styled the two hair strands at the front into long twists, letting them fall gracefully on the sides of face.

16. Naturally Curly Short Pixie

quick hairstyle for black women

The curly short pixie hairstyle for black women is effortlessly chic and offers a playful and youthful vibe. The hairstyle is created by short hair that is cut close to the scalp. The little curls are left to fall freely, creating a soft and voluminous effect.

17. Two Small Dutch Braids And Curls

quick hairstyle for black women

The loose curls fall freely with two small dutch braids at the front add a little cute and versatile to the hairstyle, and avoid hair cover the face. It offers a neat and tidy look while adding an element of elegance. Super easy and quick-to-style hairstyle for black women with curl hair texture.

How to style:

1. Part the hair down the middle.
2. Add moisture and gel to help curls style defined and shinny.
3. Create two small dutch braids at the front.

18. Face-framing curls and high bun

quick hairstyle for black women

The face-framing curls and high messy bun hairstyle for black women is perfect for summer hairstyle. The hair is styled with soft curls that frame the face, adding a touch of femininity. High messy buns create a casual and effortless element to the overall look.

Styling steps:

1. Section out two piece of hair at the front.
2. Gather all of your remaining hair upwards to create a high ponytail.
3. Twisting the hair and wrapping it around the base of the ponytail to create a bun.
4. Make the two hair strands at front fall freely at the sides of face.

19. Two jumbo flat twists 

quick hairstyle for black women

The two jumbo flat twists hairstyle is a stylish and protective look for natural hair. This hairstyle not only adds a unique texture and dimension to the hair but also helps to keep it protected and tangle-free. It can be worn for both casual and formal occasions and is a popular choice for those seeking a versatile and trendy hairstyle.

Dividing the hair into two large sections and creating flat twists by taking two sections of hair and wrapping them around each other close to the scalp. The twists are larger in size compared to regular twists, giving a bold and eye-catching appearance.

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