Natural Curly Edges Wigs - New Standard for Natural Wigs

The Curly edges wig trend completely changes the wig game and create perfect melted hairline.

What is natural curly edges wig?

Curly edges wig has pre-processed little curl edges at the hairline part, which mimic the natural curl baby hair of black women. It really make this wig look most natural, create a new standard for natural wigs.

For some dark skinned women, wigs always looked "fake" because they were always silky textured around the edges. This curly edge wig completely change the situation and give hidden lace melted hairline. You definitely give this natural curl edges wig a try.

CurlyMe Natural Curly Edges Wig Show

4C Natural Curly Edges Hairline HD Lace Wigs

4c curly edges wig

1. Mogolian Virgin Human Hair
2. 4c edges curly baby hair
3. 13x4 lace wig cap
4. Hidden hd lace
5. Pre plucked natural
6. Variable hairstyle

3C Edges Hairline Wig

1. Pre cut lace
2. 100% glueless
3. 13x4 Invisible hd lace
4. 3c little curls baby hair
5. Breathable and fit dome cap
6. 100% virgin human hair

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Zakaiya:" The New Standard for Natural Wigs! Realistic Kinky Curly Edges."

Reviewed by Cathy:" I love the edges on this unit. It really make this unit look natural."

Reviewed by Sammy:" After wearing mine the 1st time, I wanted to order another one IMMEDIATELY."

Reviewed by Sharon:" This 4c edge trend completely changes the wig game for me."

Reviewed by Leo:" It's about time wig makers finally got it right with using textured curly baby hair instead of straight! There is nothing more realistic than a curly edges wig!"

Reviewed by Jack:The curl pattern is so cute I love how tight the curls are."

Reviewed by S.C.:This curly edges wig is absolutely beautiful. I would definitely give this natural beauty a try."

Review by L.D.:I love the curly edges, more realistic."

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