Loose Wave Vs Body Wave, Which Hairstyle To Choose

Both Loose wave and body wave hair belong to wavy curl type that adds waves to straight hair. Both can be achieved using curling irons or hot rollers. However, there are differences between the two Loose wave and body wave styles. Let's get into the differences between them.

picture of loose wave vs body wave

Is A Loose Wave Or Body Wave Curlier?

Loose wave hair is curlier than body wave hair, has tighter curls and high volume. Body wave hair has a more defined S pattern.

Body Wave Hair

Body wave hair has a defined S-shape wave pattern that creates a fuller, bouncier look. Body wave hair is a great option for those who want a more structured and glamorous look.

Body wave hair lacks the volume that loose wave hair has. Body waves are much straighter than loose wave hair style.

The body wave wigs are 100% virgin human hair, the hair held a curl well, very easy to work with, detangled easily, minimum shedding, are true to length and in good shape. Our Body wave lace front wigs has superior comfort quality and superior convenience use.

Loose Wave hair

Loose wave hair has loose and huge curls. The waves in loose wave hair tend to be more natural-looking and relaxed, with a slight curl that creates a soft, flowing effect.

Loose wave curl pattern is a little tighter and smaller than body wave hair. Many women like loose wavy curl patterns because they are neither too tight nor too straight.

The loose wave wig is amazing, the curls are very nice and tight, very soft and full. The lace of the loose wave lace front wig is simple to work with, install, and style; there is no shedding, odor, or bad smell.

Difference between Loose Wave and Body Wave Hair

The main difference between loose wave and body wave is the wave pattern. Body wave hair is characterized by its natural wavy texture, has soft and bouncy curls, and creates a smoother and flatter appearance. Body wave hair has larger and looser waves and a little less volume than loose wave hair. While the loose wave hair has a more relaxed and natural-looking wave pattern, smaller and tighter waves, and thicker volume and texture than body wave hair.

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