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There are lace top wigs and no lace wigs online. Lace top wig use brown transparent lace or undetectable hd lace at the top front of the wig cap. Human hair has been hand-tied to the lace material and will create natural-looking hairline and natural parting space. So with lace top wig, you can have a very natural hair look just like your own hair.

CurlyMe Lace Top Wigs Types 

Glueless Wear Go Hd Lace Top Wigs

✔Hd lace top for invisible hairline and free parting space
✔Pre-cut clean hairline, glueless lace wig
✔dome cap, seconds install wear and go wig, very beginner-friendly
✔100% human hair for soft feel and natural look

Hd Lace Top Wigs

✔Invisible lace for melted hairline
✔See-through Hd undetectable lace top, suitable for all skin tones
✔Free parting space, can do multiple hairstyles
✔13x6 deep parting available, can do buns and half up half down hairstyles
✔Pre-bleached knots, easy to install, beginner-friendly wig
✔100% human virgin hair, most natural look.

13x4 13x6 Frontal Lace Top Wig

✔Big ear to ear frontal lace top area for most natural hairline
✔4 inch and 6 inch deep parting space available for various head size
✔Bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline, beginner-friendly lace top wig
✔Free parting design, you can change your hairstyles as you want
✔All hair are virgin human hair, you can cut, dye, and style it freely

4x4 5x5 Closure Lace Top Wig

✔Temple to temple lace top area, you can create natural hairline and parting space.
✔Cheap lace top wig, lace area is smaller than frontal wig.
✔Free parting available, you can change your parting direction in the lace part.
✔Limit hairstyles can be styled, but still very natural looking
✔Pre-plucked hairline and pre-bleached knots for customers
✔100% human hair, can be dyed, ironed to curl or stright hairstyles.

T Part Lace Top Wig

✔One of the most cheap wig type but still has a natural hairline and parting space.
✔13inch lace hairline and 4inch lace parting area for very natural hair look.
✔Limited hairline, suitable for women who prefer a consistent look.
✔Pre-plucked hairline, pre-plucked bleached knots, very beginner-friendly.
✔Adjustable strap & Elastic band, perfect fit your head.
✔100% human hair, you can color or style it as you want.

So, as above mentioned, Curlyme hair offers many kinds of lace top wigs for women to choose, like: Glueless HD wear and go lace top wig, hd lace top wig, 13x4 13x6 frontal lace top wig, 4x4 5x5 closure lace top wig, t part lace top wig. Each of them has its own advantages, choose your favorite type or you can try various lace top wigs types to see which one you like most.

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