How To Style A Cheap Wig

If you want to create a stylish hairstyle, then dyeing and extending your own hair maybe is not a good option. Because, on the one hand, it will spend a lot of money, on the other hand, it may damage your own hair. At this point, choosing a cheap wig that suits you is the best solution. This article will help you find out how to style a cheap wig as you like.


Which Kind Of Cheap Wig You Can Choose?

1.4x4 lace closure wig

This 4x4 lace closure wig has a smaller lace area than the most common 13x4 lace wig, so its price is also more affordable. This does not affect its overall quality, but rather makes it more breathable and natural to wear.

2.T part lace wig

T part lace wig is a wig with an English letter T shape in the lace area. The size design of CurlyMe T part lace wig makes it wear the same effect as a regular 13x6 place wig. This wig not only has a low price, but also can achieve a natural wearing effect, which the hairline more natural fit.

3.Bob wig

Bob wig is a very common short and medium length wig. This length of wig not only gives you a low price, but also makes you look capable and cool. If you want to create a simple and stylish image, bob wig is your go-to wig.

4.Headband wig

Headband wig is a machine made wig without lace. Instead, a headband is added to the hairline. The headband naturally transitions the connection between the main body of the wig and the baby hair, making the wearing effect of the wig more real and natural. There will be no embarrassing scenes where the lace meets the skin incorrectly.

5.Wig with bangs

Wig with bangs is also a machine made wig without a lace part. Its bangs design makes the whole wig appear more full, and wearers can create their own personal bangs according to their preferences, which will make you the special one.


What You Should Do Before Style Your Cheap Wig?

Never neglect the preparation process, which will determine whether you ultimately get twice the result with half the effort or half the result with twice the effort.

Clean your wig

When you get a new cheap wig, the first step you need to do is wash your wig. Because during the production process of wigs, it is inevitable to get contaminated with some industrial chemicals and material residues, and some even adhere to some unpleasant odors. This step can not only clean up these industrial chemicals and residues to a certain extent, dilute odors, but also wash off excess hair, laying the foundation for your next step.

Dry & comb your wig

After cleaning your wig, in order to further take care of it, we need to dry it first. You can choose to place it in a dry place for natural air drying, or use a hair dryer to dry it, but there are some things you need to pay attention to when using a hair dryer:

  • First of all, You need to use a dry towel to absorb most of the excess moisture from the wig.
  • Secondly, to fix the wig, you can either place it on the wig holder or place it on the mannequin head and use nails to fix it. The latter is more recommended because it can better secure the wig and provide convenience for subsequent steps.
  • What’s more, you can use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair along the growth of the wig, gently separating the knotted areas. Be careful not to use excessive force to cause a large amount of hair shedding.
  • Finally, Set the hairdryer to the cold air mode and dry the wig with cold air. While blowing, you can use a comb to further care for the wig. Be patient and gentle with the wig as you would with your own hair.


How To Style A Cheap Wig?

No matter what style you want to create with your cheap wig, there are some tips to pay attention to. Below are the items and techniques to pay attention to in different situations.

How to straighten your wig?

When you suddenly want to change your style after buying a curly wig, you can choose to straighten the wig, and during the straightening process, you need to pay attention to these:

  • Before using flat iron, carefully read the precautions on the wig packaging, especially the temperature range that the wig can withstand. Generally, human hair wigs can withstand temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees. However, it is important to be careful not to set the temperature too high, which can damage the wig's hair quality and even cause serious accidents.
  • When your wig has a large amount of hair, you can divide it into 3 to 5 parts to straighten it and trim the tail of the wig appropriately, which will have a better effect.
  • Move the flat iron from the root of the wig to the tail of the wig as evenly as possible. Be careful not to touch the lace or hair cap during this process. Patiently repeat the above steps to achieve a better straightening effect.

How to curl your wig?

  • As you need to pay attention before straightening your hair, it is best to find the appropriate temperature for curly hair, which should not exceed 300 degrees.
  • Divide the wig into 4 to 6 parts and secure them with a band or clip, while also taking care of the surrounding broken hair to avoid burning it during curling.
  • Place the curling stick perpendicular to the hair part and tighten it. Pull the curling stick downward until it is about half an inch from the tip of the hair. Then rotate the curling stick until it is approximately 1 inch from the hair root, and hold for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Finally, untie the curling stick, let the hair cool and set, and be careful not to place the curling stick on other objects before it cools down to avoid accidents. You can also spray some styling spray properly to help shape your hair.


Hope this article can help you style your cheap wig, but please pay attention to safety first.

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