How To Stop Your Glueless Wig From Shedding

If you have used or are using a glueless wig, then you must have been troubled by this issue. If you have run your own wig business, you must have heard such complaints from clients - hair shearing. So why does a glueless wig shedding? And how to prevent glueless wig from shedding? This article will answer your questions and clarify your doubts.

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What you will learn from this article

1.The Type Of Glueless Wig Shedding
2.Why Your Glueless Wig Is Shedding?
3.How To Stop Your Glueless Wig From Shedding?

The Type Of Glueless Wig Shedding

You may know that your glueless wig is experiencing the shedding problem, but do you know that there are different types of glueless wig shedding?
Before we analyze the reasons for glueless wig shedding and how to solve this problem, we need to first understand the type of shedding in order to apply the right medicine to the situation.

There are two main types of glueless wig shedding:

Hair shedding from the root
one is hair shedding from the root, which refers to a whole strand of hair falling off a wig.

Hair breakage
Another type is hair breakage, which refers to the hair breaking from the middle, so the tail of the hair will fall off as a result.

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Why Your Glueless Wig Is Shedding?

For different types of glueless wig shedding, there may be different reasons for their falling, but they also have some common reasons. The following section will mainly explore the different reasons for two different types of shedding and their common reasons.

For the hair shedding from the root
  • Knotless connection method are easier to shed
The connection between hair and hair cap adopts a knotless connection method, which is more likely to cause hair to fall off. Hair loss usually does not occur with wigs that use the knot lifting method. That is, the hair is tied tightly in a knot. The most common and least prone way of knotting are single knot, which CurlyMe wear go glueless wig adopted.
However, in order to improve the speed and convenience of production, some wig factories also adopt a knotless connection method, which can easily cause the entire hair to fall off, especially under incorrect wig combing methods.

  • Incorrect production
You will find that the quality of glueless wigs provided by different wig suppliers is different, which is one of the reasons why we shop around. The degree of hair loss of the glueless wigs is also the same, and the hair loss of the glueless wigs from different suppliers is also different.
Workers with mature professional skills will produce glueless wigs with better quality, reduced hair loss, and longer wig lifespan.
On the contrary, if the workers are not very skilled in making the glueless wig, or if there are problems during the glueless wig production process due to carelessness, it may cause a large number of abnormal hair loss. If this situation occurs, especially in the first few days after receiving the wig, please contact the merchant in a timely manner for communication and work together to solve this problem.

For the hair breakage
  • Excessive styling of the glueless wig
We know that many people purchase glueless wigs made from human hair, first for a more natural wearing effect, and second for the ability to create a variety of shapes with this wig. However, excessive processing of wigs can damage their quality and cause them to break and fall from the middle. Excessive perm, straightening, bleaching and dying can all lead to hair breakage, so please handle the hairstyle appropriately.

Common reason
  • Rude treatment
If you treat the wig roughly, it will come off easily. Generally speaking, the more hair you pull on your glueless wig, the more hair you may lose.

  • Lack of protection during sleep
Sleeping without glueless wig protection causes hair to rub against pillows and covers, creating tension and friction.This leads to excessive shedding.

  • Using the Incorrect cleaning and care products

We often have a misconception when cleaning and caring for glueless wigs, which is the use of shampoo or conditioner that we use to clean and care for our hair on a daily basis. But in fact, these products contain many stimulating ingredients that can damage the wig and cause it to shed.

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How To Stop Your Glueless Wig From Shedding?

Comb your glueless wig properly
Don't use a regular comb to comb your glueless wig, instead use a wide toothed comb to comb it. Before combing the entire wig, we first carefully and gently comb the knotted parts with a wide toothed comb, and then do not use too much force to comb the wig from head to tail.

Simple style manipulation
If the glueless wig undergoes frequent styling changes, it can cause significant damage to the wig. Therefore, we can reduce the frequency of styling changes or perform some simple styling treatments, such as rolled up hair, ponytails, and double twists. This can effectively reduce the amount of wig shedding.

Using the right cleaning and care products
Choose cleaning and care products that contain less chemical substances, and it is best to use wig specific cleaning and care products because the ingredients of these cleaning and care products will be more gentle, which will effectively protect the glueless wig and reduce its shedding.

Store your glueless wig properly
Do not place your glueless wig in damp or direct sunlight, as being too damp or too dry can easily damage the hair and cause the wig to fall off. Especially when a glueless wig is left in direct sunlight for a long time, it is particularly easy to make the hair dry and fragile, making it more prone to hair loss. So try to choose a cool place as much as possible.

Don’t wear the glueless wig when sleeping
The best way to treat your glueless wig properly when you sleeping is taking off your glueless wig. You can place your glueless wig on a hair stand or on a model. This is not only beneficial for preventing it from falling off due to friction with the pillow or blanket during sleep, but also for better placement.

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Ending Word

Hope through this article you can identify the reason for your glueless wig shedding and how to solve this problem.

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