How to Repair Dry, Damaged, and Matted Curly Human Hair

When you use human hair wigs for a long time , You will find the hair will be dry out quickly if u don’t take good care of it . But don’t worry. When you find that your hair is becoming unmanageable, dry, or even matted at times, you can help repair and revitalize it with Silicon Mix.

How to Repair Dry, Damaged, and Matted Curly Human Hair?

What is Silicon Mix?

Silicon Mix is a popular line of conditioners . The Silicon Mix brand sports four primary types of conditioners:

1.Silicon Mix (original Hidratante)
2.Silicon Mix Argan Oil
3.Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla
4.Silicon Mix Bambu

All of these conditioners are perfect treatments for drying, damaged hair . The ingredients work to resist heat while creating flexibility while creating beautiful results without weighing the hair down like many other products.

How Silicon Mix Treatments Work

How to Repair Dry, Damaged, and Matted Curly Human Hair?

Silicon Mix treatments work by revitalizing hair to bring it back to its soft, shiny, sleep state. Whether you've got kinky curly wig, water wave wig, deep wave wig, or others, you can use Silicon Mix to bring them back to life, even when they looked unsalvageable before.

These treatments work because Silicon Mix utilizes silicones and conditioning agents together with other ingredients that create a protective coating on hair. This coating smooths out the hair, revitalizes curls, and creates a bright shine. The silicones work on the outside while cetyl alcohol and cetrimonium chloride create softer, flexible, hydrated strands. It can be used to great effect to revive both wigs and bundles, with many specialists opting for it to maintain Remy hair for longer.

Using a Silicon Mix Treatment to Revitalize Wigs

When it comes time to revitalize your wigs, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. The effort will pay off.

1. Detangle

How to Repair Dry, Damaged, and Matted Curly Human Hair?

Begin by doing your best to detangle the hair and remove any mats. If the wig is particularly matted, you can try using some conditioner or extra virgin olive oil to get some give to it. Work from the bottom up to avoid tearing any strands out of the weft.

2. Soak

How to Repair Dry, Damaged, and Matted Curly Human Hair?

When it is detangled, soak the hair in diluted apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes. This works to clean off the buildup of residue and products. If your hair is on your head, you can still do this by spraying with a spray bottle. The smell will fade when it's all rinsed out.

3. Wash with Clarifying Shampoo

After soaking, it's time to wash out the apple cider vinegar mixture. Gently rinse out from roots to tip. Apply gentle clarifying shampoo. Don't be concerned about brown rinsing out-- this means that you're getting rid of any gunk that's been caked to the strands of hair.

4. Wash with Silicon Mix

How to Repair Dry, Damaged, and Matted Curly Human Hair?

Then, wash your hair again, this time using Silicon Mix. This should go on like any standard shampoo, or if you are cleaning your wig separately, you can soak it. This should start revitalizing your hair and you should see it beginning to return to its natural beauty.

5. Condition

How to Repair Dry, Damaged, and Matted Curly Human Hair?

Finally, finish up with a good conditioner. Choose your favorite conditioner and leave it for 30 minutes. If you have your hair installed, you can simply use a shower cap to keep it covered. For deeper penetration, you can use gentle heat from a hairdryer. After letting it condition, rinse it out and leave it to air dry. It should dry in perfect condition for your next style or wear.

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