How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig

We all know that when wearing lace wigs, in order to better fix the lace part on the skin and fit it more naturally, we often use glue to fix the lace part together. So do you know how to remove the remaining glue from the lace wig after you remove it? If you're not sure, it's okay. This article will teach you hand in hand how to remove glue from the lace wig.

How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig

What you will learn from this article

1.Why We Have To Remove The Glue On Lace Wig?
2.Preparation In Advance
3.How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig?

Why We Have To Remove The Glue On Lace Wig?

Some people must have the question, why do we need to clean up the residual glue on the lace wig? There are actually many reasons, but everything is for us to better use our lace wig. Firstly, this is beneficial for better protecting the lace part of our lace wig, allowing it to be used for a longer period of time. Secondly, removing excess glue from the lace is beneficial for the next time the lace wig is worn, as it can better fit onto the skin without being hindered by residual glue.

How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig

Preparation In Advance

Before we officially start removing the glue on the lace wig, we need to prepare in advance and understand some details that need to be noted in the next operation, so that we can better clean the glue.

Remove the lace wig
We can pour an appropriate amount of alcohol onto a towel and wipe the edge of the lace with a towel to partially dissolve the glue. This way, you can easily tear the lace off your skin without exerting too much force to remove it which may cause your lace wig shedding and damage your skin.

Clean your skin
Before cleaning the excess glue on the lace, we need to clean our skin first. Facial cleaning products with less skin irritation can be used to clean the face, especially the part of the skin that adheres to lace.

Gentle operation
This is a very important point to pay attention to before removing the glue on the lace, which is that the cleaning technique must be gentle and patient. Because lace is very fragile, especially HD lace, which has a very thin texture and is very fragile. However, this is also one of the reasons why HD lace can present such a natural effect when we wearing lace wig. So we must be patient when cleaning the glue.

How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig

How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig?

We have many methods to choose from when removing glue from the lace. The following will mainly introduce two cleaning methods, which can be selected based on your existing cleaning supplies.

Liquid soap or conditioner
This is the most versatile but time-consuming method, as cleaning products such as liquid soap or hair conditioner can generally be found at home. Here are the specific operating steps, and it is important to be patient during this process.

Step 1: Place the lace part of the lace wig in a pool and rinse it with water, preferably using warm water. This will help to some extent melt the glue and prevent damage to the lace.

Step 2: Apply liquid soap or conditioner to the area where the glue remains. The amount used depends on the amount of glue remaining on the lace. The more residue, the more liquid soap or conditioner will be applied, which is beneficial for better dissolution of the glue.

Step 3: After wetting the old toothbrush with water, gently brush the glue residue. You can use the toothbrush to brush while rinsing with warm water, which can remove any excess glue that has become loose.

Step 4: During the brushing process, you may notice that some of the formed glue will get lodged in the toothbrush during the brushing process. When a certain amount is accumulated, in order to efficiently remove the glue on the lace, you can pick out the remaining glue blocks from the toothbrush and throw them into the trash can. After cleaning the brushing tools, you can continue to brush the lace.

Step 5: If you still find some glue residue on the lace after rinsing, you can continue to apply liquid soap or conditioner to the lace and repeat the above steps to continue brushing until the glue is thoroughly cleaned.

Compared to the above method, alcohol is more efficient in removing glue from lace, but it may also cause some damage to lace to a certain extent.

Step 1: Firstly, we need to select the alcohol that needs to be used. In order to efficiently clean the glue without damaging the lace as much as possible, our most recommended solution is 50% isopropyl alcohol. Although the cleaning effect of 91% rubbing alcohol may be more pronounced, due to its high irritation, 50% isopropyl alcohol is more suitable for fragile lace.

Step 2: Because the taste of alcohol is very pungent, it is best to choose a well ventilated place when using alcohol to remove glue.

Step 3: Soak the entire medical cotton ball with alcohol, as alcohol is more prone to volatilization. Therefore, do not soak too many cotton balls at first, just treat one or two of them first.

Step 4: Use a medical cotton ball soaked in alcohol to gently circle and wipe the glue residue like a nurse. Do not wipe too many times in the same area, as this can cause harm to lace.

Step 5: When the glue has been completely removed by alcohol, we are considered to have completed the glue removal work.

How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig

Ending Word

I hope through this article you can understand how important it is to remove excess glue from lace after removing the wig, and how to correctly remove the glue from the lace wig.

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