How To Put On A Glueless Lace Wig

Glueless lace wig is a major trend in the current wig industry. People like the convenient wearing process and the natural wearing visual effect which the glueless wig brings. But do you know how to put on a glueless lace wig correctly? If you don’t know, please don’t feel worry, this article will help you understand how to wear a glueless lace wig correctly.


What you will learn from this article

1.What Is A Glueless Lace Wig Mean?
2.Which Kind Of Glueless Lace Wig You Can Choose?
3.How To Put On A Glueless Lace Wig?
4.How Long Does A Glueless Lace Wig Last?


What Is A Glueless Lace Frontal Wig Mean?

Glueless wigs is a kind of wig that can be securely fixed to the head and worn without the use of any tape or adhesive during the process.
CurlyMe Wear Go Glueless Wigs made of 100% virgin human hair and apply 3D dome cap, real invisible pre-cut Hd Lace, pre-plucked hairline, elastic band to secure, so that it will not easy to fall off.
CurlyMe Wear Go Glueless Wigs are super easy to install, put it on in seconds and you are ready to go.


Which Kind Of Glueless Lace Frontal Wig You Can Choose?

Glueless lace wigs are also classified according to different lace sizes, just like lace wigs. There are several types of glueless lace wigs available for you to choose from:

4 x 6 glueless lace closure wig
This 4 x 6 glueless lace closure wig is an improvement on the 4 x 4 glueless lace closure wig. Its innovative lace area design makes the wearing of glueless lace wig look more natural, especially in the hairline section where this natural visual effect is particularly prominent.

13 x 4 gluless lace frontal wig
13 x 4 lace frontal wig is the most common lace wig on the market, while 13 x 4 glueless lace frontal wig has been upgraded based on this lace wig. It not only includes the advantages of lace wig itself, but also adds advantages such as easy and fast wearing, friendliness to sensitive people, and more natural wearing effects.

360 glueless lace wig
360 glueless lace wig is a type of glueless wig that we rarely see on the market, but we all know that for wigs with lace, the larger the area of lace, the better the effect when wearing the wig. Therefore, the wearing effect of 360 glueless lace wig is not to mention. Professional cutting was carried out on a large area of lace, which took the natural effect of the 360 glueless lace wig to the next level.

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How To Put On A Glueless Lace Wig?

1. Clean your forehead and hairline
Cleaning your skin before wearing a wig is a very important step, as it determines whether the lace part of the wig can better fit your skin. In general, we can use facial cleansers or alcohol to clean, especially the part of the skin that is close to the hairline that needs our focus on cleaning.

2. Braid down your own hair
We can braid our hair into cornrows, or we can comb it all back and make the tail into the coiled hair to fix it, then wear a hair cap to prepare a flat surface for glueless wig wearing, so that it can be better secured on the head.

3. Prepare your glueless lace wig
Some people, in order to achieve better wearing effects, will create a natural hairline by themselves before wearing glueless lace wigs. In general, we can use wig specific flat headed tweezers to pluck out the hairline, making it more natural. At the same time, you can also apply liquid foundation similar to your own skin color on the lace part, which can make the junction between lace and skin more invisible and natural.
But if you want to skip this troublesome step, you can choose CurlyMe glueless lace wig which has the pre-plucked hairline and the invisible HD lace.

4. Place the wig on your head and adjust it
Put on the glueless lace wig on your head and adjust it, align the wig with your hairline, and tightly wrap your own hair inside the wig. At the same time, adjust the adjustable band inside the wig to a comfortable position based on your head circumference, and use it to firmly secure the wig to your head.

5. Cut the excess lace part
Although the lace part of the glueless lace wig is pre-cut, if you still feel that there is a need for further trimming, you can trim it after securing the wig. It is best to use professional lace cutting scissors for cutting, as it is not easy to damage the lace and will make the edge of the lace more neat.

6. Style your glueless lace wig
After wearing a glueless lace wig, you can create hair styling according to your preferences. CurlyMe glueless lace wig is made with 100% virgin human hair, so you can dye and perm it any way you want, just like on your own hair.

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How Long Does A Glueless Lace Wig Last?

Generally, glueless lace wig can be used for one to two years. But how long exactly the glueless lace wig can be used depends on whether you have properly cleaned, cared for, and stored it. If you want your glueless lace wig to last longer, please note the following points:

Regularly clean your glueless lace wig
Regularly and correctly cleaning your glueless lace wigs is particularly important for extending their lifespan. Regularly clean once a week and choose a wig specific shampoo with softer ingredients to better protect the hair quality of the wig.

Take care of your glueless lace wig
After long-term wearing of glueless lace wigs, it is important to remember to maintain them in a timely manner. Using less irritating hair conditioners or other hair care products to maintain wigs.

Correctly store your glueless lace wig
When not using a glueless lace wig for a long time, it should be placed away from direct sunlight to keep it cool and dry. This can store wigs well and allow them to be used for a longer period of time.

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Ending Word

Hope that through this article, you can have a better understanding of glueless lace wig and learn how to wear it correctly, so that it can accompany you for a longer time.

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