How to Prevent Wig From Shedding

For the majority of wig wearers, shedding is a common occurrence. Did you notice that no matter how carefully you handled it, there will always be a few strands of hair that come loose? Why does this happen? In today's article, we will explain the reasons behind your wig shedding and offer some preventive measures you can take to prolong the life of your wig.

how to prevent wig from shedding

Why is Your Human Hair Wig Shedding

New Wig
Occasionally, in the process of wig manufacturing, some stray hairs may remain. As you unpack your unit at home, you might observe a noticeable amount of shedding. This shedding is typically expected to occur for the first week. If shedding persists beyond this timeframe, it could be indicative of another issue.

Handle the Wig Too Roughly
When you handle your wig roughly and tug at it, it can cause the hair to shed. You can’t just treat it casually just because it’s a wig and not real hair growing from your scalp.

Combing the Wig from Ends to Roots
Instead of combing from roots to ends, some people make the mistake of combing from ends to roots. This can lead to hair breakage and shedding.

Bleached knots
The lace base of lace wigs is particularly delicate, especially HD lace wigs, featuring individual hairs meticulously hand-tied to the lace foundation. When these knots undergo the bleaching process, they become more fragile, leading to hair shedding.

Brushing a Wet Wig
Whether it's from a shower or a swim, exposure to water can cause the base of the wig to swell, weakening the attachment site where the wig hair is affixed to the base.
This may lead to more shedding than usual.

Using Thick, Greasy, or Oily Products
Applying thick or oily hair care products too much to your wig may leave behind a film that coats the hair strands, causing them to become tangled and shed.

Overheating, whether from the sun or styling appliances, can weaken hair strands and cause shedding.

Sleep with Your Wig On
Friction can form between your wig and pillow when you sleep with it on, especially if you toss and turn a lot.
The hair cuticle is easily damaged by strong friction and becomes brittle and prone to breakage.

Natural Lifespan
Human hair wigs typically last from six months to more than a year. When a wig reaches the end of its lifespan, shedding may occur

deep wave wig

How to Prevent Wig from Shedding

Treat with Caution
The first thing you should do is brush your wig gently. Reluctant to move roughly or tug excessively on the hair strands can lead to shedding. Never forget to take care of your wig as you would your own hair.

Start Brushing from Ends to Roots
To effectively comb a wig, the first step is dividing it into manageable sections. Remember to start from ends to roots. If your wig is severely tangled you can use lightweight detangler spray before combing. For stubborn knots, you can use your fingers to carefully undo them. Continue brushing each section incrementally until all knots are removed, then brush the entire wig from ends to roots for a smooth finish.

Avoid Heavy Oily or Greasy Products
A common misunderstanding is mentioned here. The more you use care products, the better. If used excessively, the hair will not be able to absorb it. This causes these products to accumulate on the surface of the hair, making it easy for the hair to become frizzy. For example, many people will apply Moroccan hair care oil after using leave-in conditioner and hair mask. This is a wrong operation and will make the hair greasy and thick. Hair cannot absorb so many nutrients. When choosing hair care products, try to choose products that are refreshing and not heavy. You should also choose different products according to the environment and weather. When dry, you can choose a nourishing series. And when the weather is hot and humid, be sure to choose something with a refreshing texture.

Minimize Heat Exposure
Excessive heat from styling tools (flat straightener, curling iron, blow dryer) will damage the hair fibers. It is better to use heat protectant sprays before styling your wig, due to it can protect hair strands.

Safeguard While You Sleep
Wear a satin bonnet or headscarf to protect your wig if you sleep in it. This lessens shedding and minimizes friction. If you purchase a wig from CurlyMe Hair, we will offer a satin bonnet as a gift.

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By incorporating these tips into your wig care routine, you can significantly reduce shedding and keep your wig looking beautiful and natural. Remember that proper maintenance and a gentle touch go a long way in preserving the quality and longevity of your wig. 

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