How to Make Human Hair Wigs last Longer?

How to Wash CulyMe Hair Human Hair Wigs

CurlyMe Hair Products can last about 12-24 months if you take care of your human hair wigs well.

  • Avoid brushing the hair when wet to prevent damage.So before washing your wig, gently comb it out, removing all tangles. Start at the tips of the hair and work your way up to the base of the cap. Make sure that you are only using a comb designed for wigs. For stubborn tangles, applying a spray conditioner can help loosen them.
  • Do not soak or submerge product.Submerge hair into water will get it tangled mattered, making it highly unmanageable. It would be better to allow the water to run from roots to ends.To do so, you can hold the wig under the faucet from your sink (but only if the hair is short). For longer wigs, we recommend holding the wig under the faucet of your bathtub or shower so that the hair does not get tangled in the basin below.
  • Rinse by holding the hair under running cool or mild Rinsing with hot water will damage the cap.
  • Do not wash too often.It is recommended to wash your human hair wig every 7-14 days of wear. Each time your hairpiece is washed, the lifespan of your wig is shortened. For this reason, the wig should not be washed more than is necessary.
  • Use only hair care products designed for human hair wigs. Do not use standard hair care products from the drugstore. The chemicals they contain can decrease the lifespan of your wig. Invest in quality products to maintain your wig.
  • Do not twist or wring.Place a small amount of shampoo for color-treated hair in your hand, evenly and gently stroke it through the hair in a downwards motion from the roots to the ends. Rinse until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze to press out excess water.

What do I Need to Prepare Before Washing a Human Hair Wig

  • Use Non-oily conditioner. The use of Non-oily conditioner is quite easy: spray a few times before wearing your human hair wig, it will help your hair be silky and shinny, and can prevent static electricity, keep your hair moisten, it will be silky like new hair.
  • Avoid apply conditioner to the base of the wig. While the hair is still wet, spread a small amount of human hair wig conditioner into the palm of your hands and work evenly into the hair. But do not apply conditioner to the base of the wig as it can loosen the knots on the cap, causing hair loss to your hair piece.

Dry & style

  • Dry on a wig stand. Place it to ventilated place and allow to air dry on a wig stand is most gentleway for your human hair wigs. A warm sitting hair dryer can also be used to dry the hair.
  • Use heated styling tools to style your hair. After the hair is dry, heated styling tools such as curling irons and flat irons can be used. But do not use Flat-iron or curler too often, it will cause you hair wig lack of glossy, dry and easy to broken.Use styling products (such as hair spray) that are specifically designed for human hair wigs.
  • Do not comb your hair immediately after washing.Comb it after the hair is dry. When combing your human hair wig, use special wide brush to comb your hair(steel comb and metal comb is ok, do not use plastic comb), start from hair end to top, this will prevent your hair wig from shedding.If you have curly hair wig, comb should not be used frequently, use your hand to make it orderly after wearing.

How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs

  • Store the wig on a wig standor in the original packaging.Store your wig on a wig stand or form that issmaller than the base of the cap to prevent the cap from stretching and unwanted kinks or crimps. Or you can place your human hair wig in the original packaging if you are not wearing it, shake it and it will be in its original state when you are wearing your hair wig.
  • Do not make it exposed to strong light.Direct sunlight will fade the hair so avoid storing your wig where it will be exposed to light.
  • Do not wear your wigwhile sleeping. Wearing your wigmay result in hair loss, breakage and matting. 

With these professional hair care tips, you definitely know how to take care of your pretty wigs. If you want to keep your hair longer period, care it from now please!

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