How to Do a Stunning Double Frontal Ponytail

Are you looking for a chic, versatile hairstyle that effortlessly elevates your look? Look no further than the double frontal ponytail! A double frontal ponytail is a striking hairstyle that exudes confidence and style. This unique twist on the classic ponytail involves two sleek and chic ponytails framing your face, creating a stunning appearance perfect for any occasion. Today, we will jump right into this double frontal ponytail installed guide that will have you turning heads wherever you go.

how to do a frontal ponytail

What is a Double Frontal Ponytail

The double frontal ponytail refers to a hairstyle where two patches of lace frontals are used to create the look of a ponytail. In this hairstyle, one frontal is applied at the front of the head, and another is placed at the back or nape area. This technique allows for a more realistic and versatile ponytail hairstyle, as it provides a natural-looking hairline both at the front and back of the head. The use of double frontals can give the appearance of a seamlessly tied ponytail, making it a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and authentic look.

Of course, you can also use a full lace wig to create a ponytail with complex shapes. However, actually using two frontals to achieve a ponytail look is a more popular choice. Compared to a full lace wig, purchasing 2 frontals is more cost-effective, requiring a smaller budget while still achieving a natural appearance. Additionally, double frontals can be customized according to your head size and shape, ensuring a perfect fit. This means it can better adapt to your head, making the hairstyle appear more natural and comfortable.

what is 2 frontal ponytail

How to Do a Stunning Double Frontal Ponytail

how to do a double frontal ponytail

To achieve a frontal ponytail, you will need the following tools:
  • Two Pieces of Lace frontal: To achieve the most natural look, opting for a lace frontal made from human hair is the ideal choice. Not only is it reusable, but you can also dye and style it with heat, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Bald Cap: Protect your natural hair and create a flat head surface. You can apply make-up powders similar to your skin color to the cap for a better skin match.
  • Flat Iron: Used to straighten your hair and create a sleek look. It can also be used to style ponytails.
  • Sewing Needle and Thread: These will be used to sew the frontal down and secure it in place.
  • Glue or Adhesive: Used to attach the lace on your head. You can use the spotting method to apply.

A Step-by-step Guide:

STEP 1: Begin by sectioning off a small area of hair at the front of your head, just behind your hairline. Tie the rest of your hair up into a ponytail at the back using a hair tie. Make sure your hair is smooth and flat by using a flat iron or comb to remove any lumps or bumps.Apply some hair spray or a styling product to help slick down your hair and make it easier to work with.

The only difference between the frontal ponytail and the double frontal ponytail is that there is lace in the front and on the nape of the double frontal ponytail. So do not forget to wipe off the hairline with your witch hazel pad and your skin protectant.

STEP 2: Apply a bald cap. Blend the bald cap into your natural hair, ensuring that it matches your skin tone. Sew down the front part of the frontal, as it tends to be easier to work with compared to gluing it down directly on the head.

STEP 3: Apply wig glue to your hairline. Once the glue has dried clear, carefully place the lace frontal into the glue, ensuring a secure fit. Press the lace firmly into the glue to create a seamless hairline. Cut off any excess lace or ear tabs that have not been glued down yet.

STEP 4: Sew down the back part of the frontal, making sure it is secured and blended with the natural hair. Cut off the excess lace from the back and check the blended hairline. For any gaps on the sides, you have the option to leave the natural hair out or use leftover pieces of the frontal to fill in the gaps.

STEP 5: Apply glue to the gap and place the frontal pieces there to create a seamless look. Allow the glue to dry completely before styling further.

STEP 6: Create baby hairs or any desired styling around the hairline using edge control or a holding product. Mold the hair into place, using a strong-hold product like Got2B to shape the ponytail. Style the ponytail using a hot comb for a sleek finish.

Remember, the key to a great double frontal ponytail is to ensure that the frontals are securely attached and blended seamlessly with your natural hairline. Take your time and be patient during the process to achieve the desired results.

9 Stunning Frontal Ponytail Hairstyles

1. Frontal Slick Back Ponytail
frontal slick back ponytail
2. Frontal Ponytail With Swoop
Frontal Ponytail With Swoop
3. Frontal Ponytail With Bang
Frontal Ponytail With Bang
4. High Frontal Ponytail
high frontal ponytail
5. Blonde Frontal Ponytail with Bun
613 color frontal ponytail
6. Side Part 2 Frontal Ponytail
2 Frontal Ponytail Side Part
7. Curly Frontal Ponytail with Bun
frontal ponytail with bun
8. Middle Part Frontal Ponytail
middle part frontal ponytail
9. Frontal Updo Ponytail
Frontal Updo Ponytail


With these simple steps, you'll achieve a stunning double frontal ponytail that's ready to make a statement. This captivating hairstyle is perfect for a night out, a special event, or whenever you want to showcase your style and confidence. Experiment with different variations and accessories to make it your own. You're now ready to rock this head-turning look with ease!

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