How to Choose Payment Method When Shopping in CurlyMe Hair?

CurlyMe Hair is a leading human hair shop online, selling high quality human hair wigs and related products. We provide affordable hair solutions to individuals looking to enhance their personal beauty. For over a decade, we have been in the market supplying different types of wigs to match different occasions, hairstyles, physical attributes, and personalities.

We have a wide range of hairstyles and categories for each. Whether you are looking for straight hair, kinky curly, loose wave, loose deep, deep wave, body wave, or water wave, we have what you are looking for. Our hair stock also includes headband wigs, lace front wigs, bob wigs, among other beautiful hair types.

Our company has several departments, including payment processing, collectively working together to ensure a seamless operation and client satisfaction.

How to Pay for Our Merchandise

Besides having versatile hairstyles and wigs, we also have different payment methods for our products. You can pay by;

Full Payment

This is the standard mode of payment where one pays the entire shopping costs after discounts without leaving a balance. It is more practical for individuals who have ready money without needing to empty their cater or choose the alternative means of payment, which is in installments.

Installment Payment

Alternatively, we allow our clients to buy our hair merchandise on a pay-later basis using Quadpay. You can get your hair first before committing to pay. We then require our clients to clear the balance interest-free within two months. We have established ourselves as professional and considerate among our clients who prefer to use this method to shop from our range of top-quality hair products.

How to Choose A Payment Method

We have different payment methods allowing our customers to shop at ease and from different locations. Be sure to select your most preferred payment method during checkout. Each payment method has unique characteristics that make them ideal for different customers looking for some aspects in a payment processing option.

Our three most popular payment methods include; 

PayPal payment

Payment via PayPal is the most common means of online shopping. Payment with PayPal is a simple as creating an account, depositing your funds into your PayPal wallet. During checkout, one is usually directed to their Paypal wallet, where they can choose to authorize the payment or not.

PayPal Payment

PayPal payment is the most popular and functional option since it is available to users in over 200 countries. Our customers also prefer Paypal payment since it supports over 25 currencies worldwide. It also allows users to connect more than one Debit/Credit card if short of funds on their PayPal wallet.

We have integrated Paypal into our system, allowing seamless payment processing when shopping on CurlyMe Hair.


Oceanpayment is an independent payment service provider skilled in omnichannel and international payment solutions. The supported payment methods on Oceanpayment include debit cards, credit cards, and alternative payment methods.


Here at CurlyMe Hair, we allow payment via Oceanpayment payment solution since it provides merchant payment solutions with fraud detection tools. Oceanpayment also has a risk management system to reduce risk and costs while increasing revenue.

You can shop here at CurlyMe Hair if you prefer or use Oceanpayment as your ideal payment method.


Quadpay is a buy now, pay later financing option. It allows our customers to purchase our products and split their payments into four equal interest-free installments. You don't have to pay anything to get the hair. With Quadpay, you can shop now, and pay later.


You can choose Quadpay as your ideal payment method during the checkout process. CurlyMe Hair is a Quadpay-registered website, meaning we have integrated the system to allows fast processing and checkout.

Quadpay requires you to link a card to your account for the payment. If you choose to pay via the Quadpay app, you will be required to enter the entire purchase amount (including fees and taxes) for approval. Upon approval, Quadpay creates a virtual credit card that allows you to complete the transaction.

Bottom Line

These payment processing methods help our customers process their orders swiftly without complications. Shop with us for high-quality human hair, a smooth website interface, easy checkout, and payment processing. You can talk to any of our online representatives to guide you on how to choose a payment method when shopping on CurlyMe Hair.

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