How To Care For Your Glueless Wig

Have you ever thought about how long a glueless wig can last after we purchase it? Why is the difference in the answers given by different users so significant? This is because they use different methods of wig care. This article will tell you how to properly care for your glueless wig and make it last longer.


What Are Glueless Wig?

Glueless wig is a new type of lace wig, just like its name, which does not require the use of glue to secure the lace part to the skin during its wearing process. CurlyMe wear & go glueless wig uses the pre-cut HD lace, with the secure and breathable dome cap, and there are no clips or combs inside, making it more comfortable and lightweight for the wearer to wear. These designs make the glueless wig very convenient and fast to wear, making it popular among people.


Why Is It Important To Care For Your Glueless Wig?

Glueless wig is not disposable items, and if you want to use them for a long time, you need to use the correct care methods. The following content is to help you understand the importance of caring for glueless wigs:

1.Money saving
Proper care can make your glueless wig last longer, which can reduce the frequency of changing wigs and save you a considerable amount of money. As the old saying goes: Money should be spent where it should be. It would be a pity if the money that could have been saved through proper care were wasted.

2.Increase service life
Firstly, being able to extend the lifespan is considered a good thing for most items. Not to mention for wigs like the second piece of clothing. If this wig is a birthday gift, wedding dress you bought for yourself, or a gift someone else bought for you, then it has even more commemorative value and should be taken good care of.

3.Better wearing effect
Under the correct care method, not only can the service life of the wig be extended, but it can also make the wig look more shiny and smooth, making it wear with better visual effects.


How To Care For Your Glueless Wig?

The care of glueless wigs are not just about conditioning, it is a crucial step, but by no means the only one. Correct operations are required from daily combing, cleaning, conditioning, to storage in order to ultimately achieve the best effect of extending the lifespan of your glueless wig. Here are some tips to pay attention to in wig care:

In daily glueless wig combing, it is best to use a wide toothed comb to untangle the knotted parts. When combing, try to treat your wig as gently as possible. Do not use too much force to cause excessive hair loss, and also avoid combing the wig too frequently. Excessive combing can also cause damage to your wig.

Even if the raw material for glueless wigs which you purchased are human hair, when choosing shampoo for wigs, we cannot use the shampoo we use in daily hair washing, because there are many irritating chemicals inside, which can damage the wig. We can choose some wig specific shampoo to clean the wig, and the frequency of cleaning is not too high.

During the process of wig care, you can prepare a basin of clean warm water, then pour an appropriate amount of wig specific conditioner into water, soak the wig in it, and patiently comb it with a comb, so that the conditioner can evenly care for each hair.

After cleaning the gluless wig, dry it well. But do not wring your wig dry like clothes. Doing so may deform your wig, make the hair cap lose elasticity, and even cause hair loss. You can use a towel with good water absorption effect to gently wipe the excess moisture on the wig bit by bit. Then use the cool air mode of the hair dryer to dry the wig.

When you want to make some styling changes to your glueless wig, try not to use styling spray, flash spray and other styling spray. If you use them, try not to mix them, because they will make the surface of the wig greasy. When necessary, we can find a professional hairstylist to help us create fashionable wig designs.

Taking off
We already know how to properly clean a glueless wig, so please do not wear a wig when you take a shower or on a rainy day. Especially when you are sleeping, please take off your wig before falling asleep. If you wear a wig while sleeping, you may wake up the next day and find it very messy, even with knots. It may take more time than when you remove it to restore it to its original nice appearance.

When you do not use your glueless wig for a long time, you can place it well on the wig holder or headform, so that the wig is not easily deformed. And cover it with some dustproof cloth to avoid dust accumulation due to prolonged storage. And try to avoid placing the wig in a sunny area for a long time, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can also damage the wig to a certain extent.


Ending Word

A high-quality glueless wig, even with incorrect care methods, will eventually become a mess. Therefore, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your glueless wig, now learn how to properly care for it, so that it can accompany you to create more beautiful moments.

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