Hair Type Chart - Find Your Curly Hair Types

There are four different types of hair, Do you know the type of hair, and how curly your hair is naturally? With the detail hair type chart in this article, you will know exactly what your curly hair type is. There are 4 main different types of hair in general, and those hair types can be subdivided into 12 different hair types.

hair type chart
To find out what curl hair type you hair is can help you to know better of your natural hair, help you to find out what kind of products and which care routine works best for your curl type. Likely, you can follow a celebrity on youtube or instagram who have the same curl pattern, you can take the recommendations of their hair care tips.

Hair Type Chart

hair type chart

Type 1 Hair - Straight 

Type 1 hair is classic straight hair. This hair type has no movement and just go straight down, usually type 1 hair hardly to stay curly or hold volume for long, and this hair type is mostly prone to oilness.

Straight 1A Hair Type
1A hair is bolt straight with no sign of curls. The feature of Type 1A hair is that it is usually not thick at all and extremely soft and fine. And 1A hair type is so straight, it will looks thin even your hair is thick. The biggest advantage of 1A hair type is that it naturally looks really shiny. But the huge drawback of 1A hair type is that it gets oily and dirty easily. Almost impossible to style, hardly to get some volume.

1a hair type

Straight 1B Hair Type
1B hair is mainly straight but might be a tiny bit puff off. This type of hair will be a little bit coarser than 1A hair type and will be slightly bit drier. Type 1B hair is kind of thick and has great volume near the roots. 1B hair type looks way more full than 1A hair type.

1b hair type

Straight 1C Hair Type
1C hair is straight hair, but a lot coarser and really thick and has impressive volume. Although you have straight hair, you might have a lot coarse strands. However, it's almost impossible to curl! This type is pretty common among Asian women.

1c hair type

Type 2 Hair - Wavy 

Type 2 Hair is a little wavy but nothing crazy. This hair type has some bends from tip to root and maybe it is the best type of hair to style. Type 2 hair has slightly wave, you can either to straighten it really smooth and straight or you can curl it to beautiful curls and it will last. There are 3 subcategories of Type 2 hair, we have 2A, 2B and 2C hair types.

Wavy 2A Hair Type
2A hair is right in between wavy and straight. Without any styling, the fall of the 2A hair type is straight down, and curling a bit at the ends, it tends to form weak S-shaped strands. The type 2b hair are quite soft and smooth. It reacts pretty well to styling; it's not a problem to make it either super straight or really wavy. 2A hair is that type of hair that is straight with a blend.

2a hair type

Wavy 2B Hair Type
2B hair has way more visible and prominent S-shaped curls. The 2B hair type can be described as a defined loose wave; can be slightly frizzy as well; adhering to the shape of your head. The hair fall straight down, looks like loose wave with more definition, with no straight strands in it.

2b hair type

Wavy 2C Hair Type
2C hair is a very wavy hair; combines wavy and curly hair. The 2c hair type is very frizzy, quickly curls up in humid environments, and has tons of volume and generally thicker waves.

2c hair type

Type 3 Hair - Curly 

Type 3 Hair is classic curly hair type, with a strong S-shaped curl pattern. If you have type 3 hair, there is more chance you can have a mixture of various hair texture, so you can have a mixture of type 3 hair; or you can even have type 3 and type 2 hair on your head. We have 3 subcategories in Type 3 hair family: 3A, 3B, 3C hair types.

Curly 3A Hair Type
3A hair is shiny and great at taking any form you want it to. This type has a very definite S-shape which makes it appear full and healthy. When you style 3A hair type, it needs to be styled into twists. If you have 3A hair type, you can't just shampoo it and go, you will need to put it into twist to hold its loose curl pattern; the curl pattern of this hair type is loose, it will not keep its curl itself, you will need to enhance it.

3a hair type

Curly 3B Hair Type
3B type has more curl pattern than 3A, ranging from spiral-like curls to tight corkscrews. It also has a combination texture. The hair weight fall around the ears. The hair will not get greasy and more prone to get dryness. This 3B curly hair type has quite voluminous.

3b hair type

Curly 3C Hair Type
3C hair is actually thinner than 3A and 3B but its curls are smaller which makes it appear thicker. The hair of 3C hair type is tight springy and densely packed, it will lift up at the root. Plus, it's very tight, almost to the point of being kinky.

3c hair type

Type 4 Hair - Coily 

Type 4 Hair is the curliest hair type, coily hair, tightly curled and "kinky" hair. Due to the twists and tight curl pattern of the Type 4 hair type, the oil from the scalp will not travel down to the hair ends. The type 4 hair will not coil itself, so we will need a lot more care.

Coily 4A Hair Type

Type 4A hair is a coily hair, which has a very tight S-shaped curl pattern if you stretch it, but usually it's just tight coils. The hair weight goes vertically from the head, we have more hair roots lift up with this type of hair. When it comes to growth and volume, the hair grows out and up of this types of hair, and it has much volume. It tends to be thin, brittle, and fragile.

4a hair type

Coily 4B Hair Type

4B hair bends with really sharp angles and often has a Z-shape and zigzag-like curls. The hair weight comes vertical from the head, this 4B type of hair grows out and up. Just like 4A, this type is pretty fragile as well.

4b hair type

Coily 4C Hair Type

4C hair type has tight zigzag coil curls. And hair weight and fall is vertical from the head. The 4C coiled hair is the hardest hair type to style and take care of. This 4C type of hair doesn't have a definite curl pattern which makes it look awesome but extremely hard to comb. It also has the greatest shrinkage out of all the types.

4c hair type

How to Care For Different Hair Types?

How to Care For Type 1 Hair

Straight and soft hair like yours gets dirty and oily pretty quickly, so try to pick the shampoos that have curative clay as one of the components. It will make your hair stay clean longer. Exfoliating your scalp at least once a week. As for the hairstyling, the best choice for type 1 hair are cascade haircuts of any kind. They will make your hair appear thicker and fuller. It usually does not stay curly or hold volume for long, try a feminine braid or a high-fashion ponytail.

How to Care For Type 2 Hair

If you fall into the second hair group, your hair care should be completely different. Your main task is to make your hair look thick without it looking crazy and messy. Try to look for shampoos and conditioners with a moisturizing effect.

Use a gentle shampoo or co-wash to avoid stripping the hair of its natural moisture, and use a clarifying shampoo occasionally to deeply remove build-up.

How to Care For Type 3 Hair

3A curly hair type needs to use some curl cream products or hair products that can add some curl definition; when washing, shampoo your 3A loose curls, add some curl cream and then create some twists to hold its curl pattern. Type 3B curly hair needs more moisture to keep its its nice defined curls, and it holds curls better than 3A hair. Tight curl 3C hair type needs to be elongated and stretched to show off its natural shape, we need products that can elongate the curl.

How to Care For Type 4 Hair

Type 4 hair doesn't get oily that easily, so unlike hair type 1, you don't have to wash it that often. And There is a lace of shine of this type of hair, you will need hair products that enhance the shine of hair. Moisture hydration is vital to this type 4 hair since this hair type tends to be dry, and fragile. The softer your shampoo and conditioner are, the better.

Finding Out Your Curly Hair Types

Have you finding out what curl hair type you hair is after knowing the feature of different types of hair? Finding out your curl hair type helps to know better of how to take good care of them. A

nd if you have multiple hair types, it is very common. You whole head of hair does not have to be one type of hair, some people have one hair type and some have several hair types. Just find out what hair type you have and take good care of them. Not all curly hair works the same.

When you have multiple hair types, you work in section and use different types of care tips on your hair. Plus you can use a hair dryer diffuser to help creating curls and style the hair in a more consistent hairstyle.

Learn From Others

I have combo 2c and 3a (mostly 2c with ringlets scattered throughout, still early in my curly journey). For years hair dressers would just blow dry my hair straight and recommended flat ironing to get rid of the "messiness". I'm finally taking care of it like I should, and it feels so much healthier! I'm even brave enough at salons now to tell them to leave the waves/curls alone.

I have 2c/3a curls too! My hair always looks straight when it’s wet and transforms as it dries. I totally get it girl! Now I am finally learning how to truly take care of and style my curls!

My hair is 4a/3c...I love that my hair is simultaneously kinky, coily and curly. I can go from a fro to mini twists, cornrows and braids or from a blow out to the silkiest silk press. My styling options are limitless!

I have 3A curls and a girl at my gym was like “how do you make your hair looks so healthy although you curl it everyday”.

I have 2a and 2b curls. I love the fact that when I dry my hair completely with a diffuser I have the biggest fullest curls. If I let my hair air dry they are just wavy. The curls are very versatile depending on how I style it.

Coming from someone who is also a mixture of 2b/2c/3a curls, I completely understand the difficulty with understanding how oddly straight my hair looks when it's wet but as it drys it just looks so much like yours and people often don't get it.

I have type 1A, and the ONLY curling method that works for me is Victorian style rag curls. Trust me, I was shocked, they’re a blessing fr.

I believe I have a mixture of 1a and 1b. My hair is so soft and silky that I don't even need to use conditioner if its not dyed. But it also a greasy mess if I don't wash every other day.

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