Glueless Wigs For Beginners

Everyone want to get a glueless lace wigs which can offer a most natural hairline just like your own hair with minimal work needed. And let's admit it, not everyone are good at lace cuting and hairline plucking.

glueless wig for beginners

Glueless Wigs For Beginners

Here we put forward a new type wear go glueless wigs for beginners, pre-cut hd lace, pre-plucked hairline and pre-bleached knots. It is absolutely a game changer.

What Is A Glueless Wig?

Curlyme wear go glueless wigs are 100% glueless wigs for beginners. 4x4 or 13x4 pre-cut hd lace, 100% virgin human hair, well pre-plucked hairline, pre-bleached hair knots, dome cap design. The wig has tweezed to perfection, super easy to install, takes seconds to wear and go, very beginner friendly glueless lace wig, no work needed.

How To Install Your Glueless Wigs?



1. pre-pare your own hair.
Comb your hair and braid it as flat as possible.
2. wear your glueless wigs.
drag your wig into the perfect place.

You complete your glueless wig installation. No lace cut needed, no glue needed, no hairline pluck needed, no hair knots bleach needed, zero extra work. Turly wear and go glueless lace wigs for beginners, lifesaver for wig wearer, absolutely a game changer.

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