Glueless Wig: Everything You Need To Know

Lace wigs are very popular nowadays, because people appreciate the natural effect when they wear it. With the continuous improvement and development of the lace wig, a new type of wig has emerged - wear & go glueless wig. So what exactly is a glueless wig? Why do people choose it. This article will take you to explore the truth.

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What Is A Glueless Wig Mean?

As we all know, when wearing a conventional lace wig, in order to make the junction between the wig and the skin more natural and better secure, the wearer needs to use glue to achieve this effect. But glueless wig, just like its name, can accomplish this even better without using glue. Moreover, the lace commonly used by glueless wig is HD lace, and the lace part is generally cut in advance, which provides great convenience for wig wearers.


Why People Choose The Glueless Wig?

As mentioned earlier, glueless wig is an improvement and innovation of lace wig, so glueless wig adds more benefits to the advantages of the original lace wig. The following five main points will be discussed:

1.HD Lace
Glueless wig uses HD lace, which is more breathable and natural than regular transparent lace. It looks extraordinary invisible can match any skin tone and has a nice breathable wearing feel, so when you wear glueless wig, you won't feel stuffy and the intersection between the wig and skin will look very natural, just like your own hair. Moreover, the quality of HD lace is more excellent. Its texture will be more rigid than transparent lace, but it will not make the wearer feel uncomfortable when wearing, and the product life will be longer.

2.Pre-cut Lace Area
When you try to cut the lace, many beginners often break the lace because they are not skilled enough, making the edges of the lace very rough and irregular. CurlyMe uses the professional hot-scissors to cut the lace edge, so that the lace area will not be broken and the edge of the lace will be more neat and natural.

3.No Clips & Combs
Instead of installing clips and combs inside the wig, CurlyMe glueless wig has an adjustable elastic band installed on the hair cap. The wearer can use this band to adjust the cap size while fixing the position of the wig. This design is not only very friendly for alopecia, but also can make the wig more lightweight and not easy to move or fall off.

4.Time Saving
The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, and people are pursuing the word "fast" for all things, and glueless wig is the product of meeting this demand. Like its name, CurlyMe wear & go glueless wig can be worn and removed in a very short time, saving time and convenience. It is a daily necessity for people who like to wear wigs.

5.Sensitive People Friendly
Because glue is not required during the wearing process of glueless wigs, this is the best choice for those who want to wear lace wigs but are allergic to glue. In addition, the wearing and removal of glueless wigs are very convenient, which is very friendly to mothers during pregnancy or lactation. Even though the process of childcare is no matter how hard and busy, mothers also have the right to pursue beauty.


How To Install A Glueless Wig?

Although the wearing process of glueless wig is very simple, there are still some techniques that we need to master to make the wig present the most natural and best wearing effect.

Step 1: Clean your hairline and forehead
Don't neglect this step, which is very important for the fitting effect of lace on your skin. The main purpose of this step is to clean up the skin that fits with the lace, clean up the oil, cosmetics, and other skin care product residues that exist on our skin, and keep the skin dry and tidy, so that the lace can fit onto it more tightly and naturally.

Step 2: Take care of your own hair
The easiest way to take care of your hair before wearing a wig is to braid it together. You can braid your hair into a single ponytail or small braids from the hairline to the nape of the neck. The latter is more recommended because this method can better manage the details of your hair. This step is necessary to better hide your hair, especially if the colour hair you are wearing differs greatly from your own hair color.

Step 3: Adjusting and wearing the glueless wig
First, you can adjust the tightness of the elastic band according to your head circumference. After adjustment, you can choose a suitable wearing position, and then use the elastic band to fix the wig on your head.Then adjust the fitting position of the lace, and spray some fixed spray on it according to personal preference, which will make the wearing effect of the wig better.

Step 4: Comb baby hair
If you spray a fixed spray, you can start combing your baby hair after the spray is dried. You can comb your baby hair according to your favorite style. Proper taking care of your baby hair will not only make the overall wearing effect of the wig look more natural, but also highlight your style.
At a time when glueless wig is so popular, quickly choose the glueless wig that suits you.

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