CurlyMe Wig Fashion: Following Old Money Bob's Footsteps

Recently, the old money style has caused a craze on social media, especially the smart old money bob haircut. Today, in this article will introduce you to how to use human hair wigs to create stunning old-money styles.

old money wig style

What is Old Money Style

The old-money look is really popular on social media these days. Elegant and classic selections are the main features of the old-money style. People with old-money styles are more likely to dress in well-made, timeless pieces than in garish, fussy, y2k or current clothing. The primary highlights are made of luxurious components like cashmere, silk, and wool rather than garish branding and logos. Good tailoring and well-fitting clothes are key elements of the old money style. Moreover, it's customary to incorporate a preppy atmosphere with necessary pieces like polo shirts and loafers.

old money style

What is the Old Money Bob Haircut?

The old money bob refers to a carefully styled short hairstyle, usually associated with high-quality hair texture. In fact, although the haircut looks simple but reveals meticulous perfection, giving the initial impression of relaxation, the absence of any messy strands conveys that I have the money and time to keep this sophisticated appearance. 

old money bob haircut

How to Get Old Money Bob

If the sophistication of an old-money bob has caught your eye and you are considering committing to this style, it is time to visit your hair salon near you. Before the stylist begins developing your style, you can show them the reference photographs you have downloaded and discuss the exact elements you want to keep or eliminate. Your stylist will be able to precisely customize your old-money bob thanks to this information sharing.

In addition, if you're hesitant to try short hair or just want to briefly experiment with the style, a bob wig can help you attain this sophisticated and charming look. In the world of fashion enthusiasts, bob wigs are essentially required. It offers a lot of advantages. Its modest length makes it easier to maintain to start with. Moreover, if you opt for a 100% human hair wig, styling is convenient; you can use heat styling tools to customize your wig without worrying about damaging your natural hair. Furthermore, the bob wig is a versatile hairstyle suitable for all seasons, especially during the summer. Currently, CurlyMe Hair is offering great discounts during the tax refund season, it is a perfect time to make a purchase.

5 Old Money Bob Haircut Inspiration

1. Blunt-cut Cut Straight Bob
A classic blunt cut can bring sophistication and elegance to your overall atmosphere. This hairstyle is very suitable for capable working women. Pair it with a white shirt and an A-line skirt to create an elite style in the workplace.
straight old money bob
2. 613 Blonde Bob
613 blonde hair is a prime example of an eye-catching and romantic style that conveys wealth in the meantime. If your job is related to fashion, then trying this wig is a smart choice. It's timeless and goes with all seasons, clothing, and bags.
blonde 613 bob
3. Kinky Curly Bob
The natural texture of the kinky curly hair lends a touch of casual and playful. Its juicy curls and voluminous appearance represent a feeling of relaxed sophistication. The only con is that curly hair is harder to maintain, so make sure you invest in a high-quality wig.
kinky curly bob
4. Shoulder Length Bob
The shoulder-length bob possesses grace and is a modern take on understated beauty. This bob, which ends just above the shoulders, is a good choice for people who would rather to look put-together but still sophisticated in their design.
shoulder length bob
5. Bob Hair with Bangs
There's a touch of vintage beauty to bob hair with curtain bangs. Bangs give the haircut a carefree, cute vibe that makes it ideal for people who enjoy retro styles.

bob hair with bangs

Final Word

Are you still considering your hairstyle options? Why not pick the old money bob wig? Let joy and fresh experiences fill the upcoming season with your new style.

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