Best CurlyMe Hair Wigs to Match Bikini on the Beach

Best Human Hair Wigs to Match Bikini on the Beach - CurlyMe Hair

Choosing the right wig can be a daunting task, especially if you try to match it with your bikini wear. You need to select a stylish wig that matches your bikini and, at the same time, won't get damaged in water. At CurlyMe Hair, we have a variety of wigs that match different wears, places, and needs. Below are some of the best wigs to match with your bikini on the beach.

What are Lace Front Wigs

What is a lace front wig

The lace front wigs is a stylish choice for people who love the outdoors. It also comes in different types, colors, and sizes. The lace front wig tends to look like it has been in the water and is in its natural state. It is perfect for swimming since it looks like it had been wet then dried into curls. You also don't have to worry about it drying badly as your natural hair seldom does.

The lace front wig provides an amazingly realistic-looking hairline owing to the two or three inches of virtually invisible thin lace in the front of the head for a stylish appearance.

It is a simple yet effective choice, ideal for any occasion and wear. The main wig cap is designed from a strong and flexible material that ensures a perfect fit and durability to match your bikini.

What is a Body Wave Wig

Curlyme body wave wigs

The body wave wig is one of the lace front wig styles known for its free-flowing and soft natural waves. Most women prefer the body wave wig since it looks very stylish and sophisticated. The fact that there are different styles and variations of the body wave wig makes it one of the most popular textures to select from.

It has a natural pattern designed to create a soft, natural-looking wave. Its natural wavy texture is popular for its durability and elegant look. Since it tends to be more pronounced towards the bottom, the body wave wig is often best worn, free-flowing. It is ideal for the perfect bikini match in the outdoors.

What is a Highlight Wig

Curlyme highlight wigs

The highlight hair wig is a mixed color wig, meaning you will find more than one color on it. It is a new fashion, it is 4/27color. Compared to a pure color wig, the highlight wig is unique and stylish. The presence of more than one color on the wig makes it ideal for matching with different bikini types and colors. You may also color it at random to achieve a more colorful wig.
The highlight wig is great for the outdoors.
Moreover, the highlight wig can be categorized into three aspects;
The texture of the wig
The color of the wig
The location of the colored hair
The highlight wig is a type of lace front wig. The only difference from the rest of the lace front wigs is the highlights, making the highlight wig stand out.

What is a CurlyMe Headband Wig

Curlyme headband wigs, the best selling human hair wigs.

The headband wig is a convenient choice, with no glue or lace needed. It is quick and easy to wear, meaning you can style it with your desired bikini look at any moment without struggle. CurlyMe headband wigs are designed to protect your edges well without worrying about potential damages.

It is stylish and casual for a beach bikini look. A headband wig takes half the time and effort of different wig types. It gives you a natural look since you can style your hairline and baby hairs to design a seamless look.

With the headband wig, you can add fun, decorative headbands to complete any look.

However, the headband wig is not ideal for swimming. You can wear it to match your bikini just to stroll on the beach or take photos with it.
Fortunately, the CurlyMe headband comes in versatile styles that you can choose from to match your beach bikini. We will send it together with the wig.

How to Style Wigs for your Beach Bikini Look

If you are going for the lace front wig, you can style up your wig in three different options. These include;

  1. Styling your baby hair. Brush your baby hair forward using a comb. Using a hair tie, tie the rest of your hair back. Apply a small gel amount to your forehead. Comb the baby hairs to a stylish look and spray with hairspray.
  2. Create Up-dos
  3. Use heating tools

For the highlight wig, you can decide on different colors to make the wig outstanding and match with your bikini wear.


Wigs come in different varieties, colors, and types. They are designed for different occasions and places. At CurlyMe Hair, we have a wide variety of wigs for all occasions and fashionwear. For the best wig for your bikini wear on the beach, you can choose from the wide selection of CurlyMe headband wig, lace front wig, body wave wig, and highlight hair wig.

CurlyMe Hair is the leading supplier of wigs for women looking for different hairstyles. Contact our customer support at CurlyMe Hair to help you choose the best wig for your beach or general outdoor needs.

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