2023 Hottest Trend: Money Piece Wig

Money piece hairstyle is one of the most prevalent wig type in recent days. It is a hairstyle which have a bright frame around your hairline. This hairstyle has been popular since the 90s and recently has become a fashionable indicator and a lot of celebrities rocked with it, like Bella Hadid, Beyonce, Jesy nelson, kylie Jenner and Jennie of blackpink,etc. If you have some doubts with money piece wig, read this article to know everything about it.

What is money piece in wig
Money piece wig is a unique hairstyle that is to take two strands of hair from the hairline and dyed into a light-color, creates a strong contrast to the hair and form a bright face frame. It belongs to a special highlighting technique that can help brighten your complexion and accentuate your facial expressions with minimal maintenance. It suitable for any colors and hairstyles from warm blondes to cool brunettes which can help you achieve unique and gorgeous looks.

If you are worried about damage to natural hair caused by perm dyeing or the price of hair salon is too high. Trying to buy a money piece wig is an ideal choice. It not only protects your hair but also saves your budget. Enjoy more hair styles for the same price. Curlyme Hair store wigs are all made by virgin human hair, so that they can be styled with heat styling tools or hair dye by yourself. You can switch different hairstyles on one wig, which is economical.

Features of money piece wig
Enhance your facial looks
Money piece hair also known as face framing hair. It can well modify your face shape and highlight your facial features. It brightens your skin tone, softens and accentuates your facial features while enhancing your skin tone and eye color.
The name of money piece refers to the time-saving and cost effective process of hair dying for consumers. The money piece isn’t means the dyeing technique. Allows people get the best results with the least budget.
Easy to operate
The money piece dyeing technique is simple and effective that can works on all types of hair texture, allowing people to style their wigs at home. This is also the reason why the money piece hair trend has grown in popularity over time.

How to do money piece highlight on a wig
1.Put your wig on a mannequin head or a wig stand. Comb the hair down and push the hair up. Detangle the wig hair knots out. Part your hair down the middle, section off the end of the hair based on how much hair you want for the money piece highlight. It's recommended that the color chosen is 3-4 shades brighter to achieve the full impact.
2.Mix the bleach and volume developer in a bowl according to the directions on the package. Apply the mixture to the hair evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair. You can use more developer if you want your hair to be brighter. But we recommend you to use 10-20 volumes to lighten your hair.
3.Taking a slice hair right at the hairline, straight across, making sure that is very very thin helps out with full saturation and dye evenly. Then organize the rest of your front hair on top with clips.
4.Apply the bleach on your hair strands. Once you have applied the product, you can lift up the foil and wrap it. A good tip is to always have really tension which gonna keep that foil from slipping. You need to repeat these steps for creating layers and natural look.
5.Periodically check the foil, it is recommended check it about 15 minutes. Wait for 30 minutes and shampooed and conditioned the hair out.

Tips: Be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your wig hair looking as good as salon. If you need to use heat styling tools like curling iron and straightener, don't forget to use heat protectant spray. The more heat you put on, the faster your hairs fade, so use as little heat as possible.

5 hot trend money piece wigs
We selected 5 of the most stylish human hair wigs for you to refresh your look in the upcoming summer season.
99j money piece lace front wig

Honey blonde human hair money piece wig

Pink&Brown money piece lace front wig

 Body wave pre-plucked money piece wig

Green money piece human hair wig

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