1 Hair Color Vs. 1B Hair Color, What Is The Difference

When you are looking for the best wig colors to choose from in the market, you will be spoilt for choices. That’s because there are several wig colors available. But black is the most common color available.

When it comes to black shades, 1 and 1B are two of the most popular extension hair colors. At first glance, they may all appear to be the same. However, there are certain crucial differences that will help you distinguish between the three. Continue reading to learn more about 1 and 1B hair colors! In this post, we'll explain what makes them unique so you can pick the ideal color for your next wig, braid style, or weave installation.


What is 1 hair color

what is 1b hair color

The Differences Between 1 and 1B Hair Color

How to choose between 1 vs. 1B hair color

What exactly is 1 hair color [Jet Black Hair Color]?

Jet black hair color, often known as 1 hair color, is the deepest, darkest shade of black available. It's chilled, with light blue undertones that give it an almost alien feel. Jet black is a deep color that is usually very glossy and is so dark that it looks unnatural on most individuals. While black hair is a common natural hair color, most people must use hair dye to get jet black strands. Black is a rich color tone that is usually quite glossy and black, making it appear strange to most people.

What exactly is 1B hair color?

The second darkest hair color is 1B. The B in 1B stands for black, and the 1 indicates that it is the first hue of natural black. 1B is a darker shade of black that seems more natural than jet-black strands. It's a gentler shade that looks the most natural on women with naturally black hair.

The Differences Between 1 and 1B Hair Color

Although jet black [1] and 1B are both black, there are very subtle distinctions between them. Here's how to tell the difference between jet black and 1B hair color.

  • 1B has warmer, brown undertones than Jet black, which has chilly, blue undertones.
  • Jet black is striking and may not appear natural. 1B, on the other hand, is a more natural, subdued shade of black.
  • Jet black hair [1] will wash out fairer complexions, whereas 1B hair is more universally attractive.
  • 1B hair is darker than jet black [1] hair.
  • Jet black hair is colored to get a consistent hue, whereas 1B hair is typically raw.
  • 1B human hair has small color variations and may contain gray or dark brown strands. Jet black hair, on the other hand, is consistently colored.

What Is the Difference Between Jet Black and 1B Hair Color?

You should keep a few things in mind when deciding between jet black [1] and 1B hair hues. Neither hue is superior to the other, yet various tones may work better if you want to achieve a specific aesthetic. In this part, we'll provide you with advice on selecting the ideal color for you.

How to choose between 1 vs. 1B hair color

  1. Consider the color of your skin, hair, and eyes.

Considering your skin, hair, and eye color will assist you in deciding which color to choose. Choose 1B if you want your hair to match your brows. Jet black will make your brows appear lighter than they already are, making them appear unnatural.

Darker colors of hair are usually more appealing on darker complexion tones. Likewise, lighter skin tones should stick to off-black to brown hair. You can, however, break this rule if you want to create an edgy or attention-grabbing style. While jet black can wash out pale skin tones, it can also create an eye-catching contrast for those with light eyes.

  1. Pay attention to your undertones

Your undertones are important in selecting which hair color complements your skin tone. Cooler complexions should typically stick to cooler hues like jet black. Warm skin tones, on the other hand, should stick to warmer colors like 1B. Wearing the wrong color might draw attention to imperfections and clash with your skin tone.

  1. Determine the appearance you desire.

If you want a striking contrast and aren't bothered about your extensions matching your hair color, go for jet black. While jet black may appear unnatural, it will provide more dramatic color contrast. If you want a more natural look, try with a softer shade like 1B.

Determine whether you will have to leave something out.

If you're wearing a style with leave out, the color of your extensions is critical. Using the incorrect shade will merely emphasize the color difference between your hair and your extensions. Examine your hair in direct sunlight to get an accurate idea of its hue. If your hair still appears black under bright light, try 1B hair.

  1. Determine whether wig quality is crucial.

The best human hair wigs and extensions are made from unprocessed, virgin strands. 1 [jet black] hair color is typically treated to achieve a consistent hue. Stick with 1B for the greatest quality human hair wigs. Remember that this only applies to human hair wigs and extensions because all synthetic hair is treated.

Final thoughts

Although 1 and 1B hair colors are identical at first glance, choosing the proper shade will help you get the style you want. We hope this post has helped you understand some of the distinctions between the most popular shades of black [1 and 1B] and pick which one is best for you. Remember that, while there are a number of factors to help you decide, you should ultimately choose the color that makes you happiest!

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