Human Braiding Hair

Human Braiding Hair

CurlyMe top quality virgin human hair for braiding sells in bulk online. Human braiding hair allows customers to do any braiding hair styles like goddess braids, passion twists, triangle box braids, knotless braids and more. Each bundle of braiding hair has about 3.5oz of human hair, can be styled, bleached, dyed like your own hair, best braiding hair you can find online.

Human Braiding Hair Styles

There are different hairstyles of human braiding hair for you to choose to create various braiding hair styles. Apart from straight braiding hair, there are wavy and curly human hair for braiding to meet different needs. All products sell in bulk human hair for braiding with affordable price.

Straight Braiding Hair
Wet and wavy braiding hair
Curly Braiding hair

Human Braiding Hair Color

Natural black is the most classic human hair braiding hair color, but if you want some changes and try more shinny hair colors, we have 613 blonde hair colors for braiding hair.

Natural black color
613 blonde color

Shop high quality wholesale human braiding hair online, find a braiding hair near me salon or do braiding hair at home, you can get all kinds of gorgeous braiding hair styles.